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Demonia is a bot that plays on Demonia explores the dungeon as no human player would ever do.

Observers have watched Demonia perform slow, repetitive tasks that no human player would do. One game during May 2012 (or was it April?) took attention in #nethack@freenode, as Demonia became stuck on a level, trying to find a secret door or passage. Demonia searched the entire perimeter, checking every wall or corridor, and cycled around the map, continuing the search, without pause, for thousands of turns.

A significant milestone was achieved on February 3, 2015, where Demonia made it into the Castle's entrance and again grabbed the attention of #nethack@freenode. Having no code for entering the castle, Demonia fruitlessly spent thousands of turns wandering around the maze portion. Perhaps future coding of Demonia will rectify this issue and set the bot closer towards ascension.

Demonia typically plays as a Valkyrie, perhaps because this is one of the easiest roles. Demonia's survival tactics include engraving Elbereth, and praying to solve hunger after fainting.

While Demonia has code for wishing, it has never been tested; in April 2013, while dipping a long sword to create Excalibur, a water demon offered a wish. Demonia wished for "2", possibly an attempted movement command at an unexpected wish prompt.