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Draw blood is a technique in SLASH'EM available to vampires. You must possess a medical kit with phials, be at least level 2, and be in your vampiric form to use this technique. Using the technique will use up one of the phials to create a potion of vampire blood and will drain a full level. The BUC of the potion is independent of the BUC of the kit, corresponding to that of the phial instead. Unlike regular drain life attacks (which a vampire is immune to anyways) you are dropped to the minimum experience for the new level, rather than the maximum. As a result you will be unable to quickly gain the level back by killing a wimpy monster.

The technique cannot be used again until 500-1499 turns after a successful use.


You must be in your natural form to draw blood.
You attempted to use the technique while polymorphed.
You can't seem to find a vein.
You attempted to use the technique at level 1.
Using your medical kit, you draw off a phial of your blood.
You successfully used the technique.