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Earendil was the quest leader for male elves prior to 3.3.0, and the Drow quest nemesis in versions of SLASH'EM before race and role were separated. It should be noted that in SLASH'EM, his MR is changed to 50, and his alignment is changed to 20. The reason for the alignment change is likely because in SLASH'EM, Elves are lawful by default.


Elwing was the quest leader for female elves prior to 3.3.0. Other than her name and gender, she has the same stats as Earendil.

Encyclopedia entry (SLASH'EM)

In after days, when because of the triumph of Morgoth Elves and
Men became estranged, as he most wished, those of the Elven-race
that lived still in Middle-earth waned and faded, and Men usurped
the sunlight. Then the Quendi wandered in the lonely places of the
great lands and the isles, and took to the moonlight and the
starlight, and to the woods and the caves, becoming as shadows
and memories, save those who ever and anon set sail into the West
and vanished from Middle-earth. But in the dawn of years Elves
and Men were allies and held themselves akin, and there were some
among Men that learned the wisdom of the Eldar, and became great
and valiant among the captains of the Noldor. And in the glory
and beauty of the Elves, and in their fate, full share had the
offspring of elf and mortal, Earendil, and Elwing, and Elrond
their child.

[ The Silmarillion, by J.R.R. Tolkien ]
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