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The evil eye is a new monster introduced in UnNetHack. It is a physically harmless monster in the same class as a floating eye, but it possesses a luck-stealing gaze. The luck-stealing gaze is not protected against by magic resistance but if you have a blessed luckstone, you will resist the effect 75% of the time.

Hitting an evil eye with a cursed luckstone will heal it, and hitting it with a blessed luckstone will kill it in one hit. Holding up a mirror to an evil eye will cancel it and cause it to flee, as long as it is not blind, invisible, asleep, or already cancelled.

The evil eye has been added to the list of monsters that can be summoned by the monster spell summon nasties. It can also be created if a player has attempted but purposefully violated Zen conduct.


Eating an evil eye corpse also has an impact on luck:

  • A blessed corpse (or tin) will increase your luck by 1-3 points: "You feel more fortunate"
  • An uncursed corpse (or tin) will change your luck by -1, 0, +1, +2: "You feel your fortunes in flux"
  • A cursed corpse (or tin) will decrease your luck by 1-3 points: "You feel less fortunate"

As of commit r1953, evil eye corpses cannot be tinned (just like wraiths).

Encyclopedia entry

Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye,
neither desire thou his dainty meats.
[ Proverbs, 23:6 ]