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) File:Falchion.png
Name falchion
Appearance falchion
Damage vs. small 1d12
Damage vs. large 1d16
To-hit bonus +1
Weapon skill scimitar
Size one-handed
Base price 10 zm
Weight 30
Material iron

A falchion is a type of two-handed weapon that appears in SpliceHack and Hack'EM.

In SpliceHack, the falchion uses the scimitar skill. In Hack'EM it uses the saber skill which was merged with the scimitar skill.


Falchions are uncommon, appearing slightly less than scimitars.

In both variants, Barbarians can start with falchion/scimitar combo as an alternative to the battle-axe/short sword weapon set.


In Hack'EM it is possible to create one by #crafting two scimitars together.


The falchion first appears in SpliceHack.


The term falchion refers to various designs of European swords, but generally describes single-edged one-handed blades, often with a slightly curved tip. In appearance, they could vary from a scimitar-like weapon all the way to something resembling a meat cleaver. Curiously, while falchions are frequently depicted in medieval European artwork, only a few dozen survive to the current day, compared to thousands of double-edged blades (e.g. long swords).