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Dungeon Level 40. Maze on the left hand side of the screen, maze on the right and a large rectangular clear area in the middle.

It looks like there is a throne room or zoo inside the rectangular area.

Problem is that I cannot find any way into the rectangular area. No doors I can find, unable to dig through the walls, can't dig down and cannot find any stairs downwards.

Any assistance wold be appreciated :)

You have reached the Wizard's Tower. It's not accessible from the level you're on; rather, you have to go further down until you find one of the Fake Wizard's Towers, of which there are two. One has a portal that leads to the bottom level of the real one, the other just has an amulet. You do need both a means of crossing water and a means of digging to get in to the fake tower, but I'm guessing you have that by now if you've gotten to DL 40.
Oh, and if you want to avoid YASD, it's best to have a wand of death on hand for dealing with the Wizard; I learned that one the hard way the first time I tried to take him on. -Ion frigate 06:08, September 8, 2010 (UTC)
And there is a downstairs somewhere. Probably it's just hiding under an item ... 10:09, September 8, 2010 (UTC)