Fake Wizard's Tower

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Fake Wizard's Tower
Location Level 15–22 of
Bones Non-portal level only
Mappable Yes
Teleportable Not into tower
Diggable floor Yes
Diggable walls Yes

The Fake Wizard's Tower is a special level feature in Gehennom. Two such Towers are located on separate levels, each of which is one to four levels above the vibrating square level and therefore between the 15th and 22nd levels of Gehennom, or between DL 40 and DL 51.

One of the two Fake Wizard's Towers contains a magic portal to the real Wizard's Tower. The level without the portal is eligible to leave bones files; the level with the portal is not.


This structure at the core of the level is surrounded by normal Gehennom-like maze; the walls are diggable. Digging is required to enter this tower: Teleporting in will fail and place you randomly in the level, outside of the tower.

One of the towers contains a magic portal leading to the bottom level of the real Wizard's Tower at the point marked 'x'; the other merely contains an amulet at that position. Both contain four squeaky boards ('^'), a vampire lord, and a random lich; a single kraken is found in the moat of each.

The name Fake Wizard's Tower is a reference to earlier versions in which the Wizard of Yendor lived in a similar structure surrounded by maze; these days, he lives in a similar structure surrounded by a much larger tower. Such is upward mobility.


The Fake Wizard's Tower has been removed from FIQHack. They can still spawn as regular rooms, however. You enter the real Wizard's Tower via it's first floor, not via a Fake Wizard's Tower.

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