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A tower is a type of vertical column, often a building structured in such a manner. In NetHack, a tower can refer to many things:



In SLASH'EM, the Yeoman quest contains a tower based on the real-life Tower of London, and The Tower of the Dark Lord acts as the home level of the Necromancer quest.

In the SLethe patch, additional towers are added to the Castle.

Encyclopaedia entry

Towers (_brooding_, _dark_) stand alone in Waste Areas and
almost always belong to Wizards. All are several stories high,
round, doorless, virtually windowless, and composed of smooth
blocks of masonry that make them very hard to climb. [...]
You will have to go to a Tower and then break into it at some
point towards the end of your Tour.

[ The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, by Diana Wynne Jones ]
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