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Is it possible to wield a spellbook as a weapon then read a scroll of Enchant weapon while confused to make the spellbook fireproof?

I tried to figure this out myself in Wizard mode but then discovered the GUI I was using made it nigh impossible to enter Wizard mode (side question how do I enter wizard mode in Vulture's Eye?)

No, that only works for weapons and armor. From read.c#line961, the check for erodeproofing is:
   if(uwep && (uwep->oclass == WEAPON_CLASS || is_weptool(uwep)) && confused) {
So only weapons and weapon-tools (pick-axes mainly) will be made fooproof. It may be possible to wish for a "fireproof" spellbook in wizard mode, but I actually doubt that would protect it against anything. Erosion protection protects against just that - erosion. Destruction of spellbooks is handled elsewhere, and it doesn't take erosion protection into account.
As a sidenote, one spellbook is naturally "fireproof" - the spellbook of fireball, though if the book gets blanked it's just as vulnerable to destruction as any other. And of course, the Book of the Dead can't be destroyed. -Ion frigate 14:03, 8 November 2011 (UTC)
I did jump into wizard mode just now and try it. Wished for a fireproof spellbook of magic missile, then ctrl+i'ed it -- "o- an uncursed spellbook of magic missile". Then stepped onto a firetrap and watched it burst into flames.
I tried the long way about -- wishing for a ?oEW and a !oConfusion for a wielded spellbook; it told me that "Being confused, you mispronounce the words... You have a strange feeling for a moment, then it passes." The spellbook then burst into flames as I stepped onto the fire trap.
NB: While the Book of the Dead will glow red but fail to burst into flames, it seems a spellbook of fireball just ignores fire entirely; every other item I had was damaged by fire as I leapt into the fire trap repeatedly, but there were no messages regarding the fireball spellbook. Experimentation, man; this is what science is all about :) Delbow 19:47, 11 November 2011 (UTC)