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Gugs are a new monster in SLASH'EM. They appear in large groups, are fast and hard-hitting and have a paralyzing bite.


Although by the time you encounter them, your magic cancellation should neutralize the paralysis, gugs are still a large threat in the midgame, mainly because they appear in large groups and are quite fast. Note that they can be detected through telepathy; in general, one should exercise caution when seeing a Z with a mind in SLASH'EM; it is either a hard-hitting gug, or a spellcasting ghoul mage or ghoul queen.

Encyclopedia entry

These foul creatures dwell in the endless darkness of the
Gulf of N'Kai, scavenging the bones of whatever luckless
intruders have stumbled into it.  It is suspected that they
may be some warped form of ghoul, but few have survived
seeing them so information is scarce.

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