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As well as the standard ASCII interface, many official and unofficial graphical user interfaces are available. This page will be a visual showcase.

Official ports


NetHack 3.4.3's Amiga port, showing the hero on the first level. Running on AmigaOS 3.0 under emulation.


NetHack 3.4.3's Win32 port, showing the hero in Minetown. Running on Windows XP.


Main article: X11
NetHack 3.4.3's X11 port, showing the hero on the Oracle level. Running on Kubuntu Linux 6.06.


Main article: Qt

NetHack 3.4.3's Qt port, showing a monk in Sokoban. Running on NetBSD 3.0 using blackbox.

All of the status values except turns elapsed flash green when they increase and red when they decrease - so since I just went up the stairs to Sokoban, level is red, and since I just picked up some gold and am recovering power, those are green.


NetHack tiled view on FreeDOS under QEMU

By using F3, F4, and F5, the user can switch between this view, another with narrowed tiles that makes the entire map visible, and one using IBMgraphics.

Mac Nethack, the Carbon port

Mac Nethack Carbon port running with default settings on Mac OS X 10.5.8 PowerPC

Unofficial ports

Falcon's Eye

Main article: Falcon's Eye
Falcon's Eye 3.3.1, showing the hero on the Oracle level. Running on Kubuntu Linux 6.06.

Vulture's Eye

Main article: Vulture's Eye
Vulture's Eye for NetHack 3.4.3, showing the hero in Adjama's general store.


Main article: glHack
glHack's isometric interface, showing the hero on the first level. Running on Kubuntu Linux 6.06.


Main article: noegnud

Noegnud is a semi-3D interface for both NetHack and SLASH'EM.

NetHack 3D


NetHack 3D features a first-person view and supports both English and Japanese. Mac OS only.


INetHack landscape.png

iNetHack is an iPhone port.[1]

Curses interface

Main article: Curses interface

The NetHack curses interface is an alternate character mode interface with many features not present in the traditional tty interface.

Nethack Android

Nethack Android is a port of Nethack and Slash'em to the Android OS. It runs as native code with an Android Java front-end. It has TTY and tileset interfaces and has some touchscreen support with context sensitive actions.


NetHack With Tiles (aka NeWT) looks and behaves like the TTY version, while still allowing tiles.

Browser-based is a browser-based graphical front-end for NAO. It uses the dawnhack tileset, but only if the vt_tiledata option is enabled; else it will just show ascii graphics. At the moment, it does not work: it hangs indefinitely after hitting (c)onnect


At, there is a browser-based front-end for playing UnNetHack. It is currently not working (please change this if this changes) because it is trying to connect directly to when it should connect to either or It offers the geoduck, unchozo32b, and dawnhack tilesets (for UnNetHack).

At is a webterminal that connects to It allows tiles if vt_tiledata is enabled in a game that supports from that; aside from that, it will display ASCII graphics


BrowserHack is a direct port of NetHack to internet browser, featuring linking tiles to the corresponding pages at NetHack Wiki (by shift-clicking). It is playable here. GitHub page

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