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As part of its programming theme, NetHack: The Next Generation includes four items that are electronic or electrical components: the IC (integrated circuit, or "chip"), the diode, the transistor, and the relay. (These items also appear in SlashTHEM, along with other features from NHTNG.) All four items are part of the tool class, but are nonfunctional. Applying any non-artifact computer part will return the message "You don't understand anything about electronics !!!" (or, if hallucinating, "Hmm... is this stuff edible?") This will happen even for Geeks and Graduates, who despite their familiarity with software apparently do not understand the hardware of the computers they use.


All four items are made of iron and have white-colored symbols. They differ in unidentified appearance and in value, with the more modern IC being the most expensive.

Item Appearance Base Price Weight
diode two-wired thing 50 1
transistor three-wired thing 100 1
IC many-wired thing 5000 1
relay four-wired thing 200 2

Note that a cursed IC only has a base price of 250 zm when selling to a shopkeeper. In SlashTHEM, even non-cursed ICs sell for 500 zm, making them significantly less valuable.


Hostile computers (the PDP-9, PDP-11, Vax, and Cray) will drop 5-14 random components when destroyed; each item has an equal probability of being a diode, transistor, or IC.

The Geek role starts with 1-7 ICs.

The relay is the base item for the Burned Moth Relay, an artifact which gives protection while carried. When applied, it gives a message which identifies its base item ("There's a little badly burned moth in that relay!"). Geeks and Graduates get an additional message: "You feel remembered of the old times" (or, if hallucinating, "of when the net was flat").


As mentioned above, computer parts do not have any significant function when applied. Some of them, especially ICs, are relatively valuable, so they might be worth collecting to sell (like precious gems) if you have found a general store or tool shop.

Polypiling computer parts will not create a computer monster. It might create an iron golem, though.