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Drain resistance – or level drain resistance – is a property that resists attacks that reduce experience level or monster level. It can be possessed by both players and monsters.


Drain resistance prevents the following attacks:


Drain resistance may be acquired by:[1]

Monsters with drain resistance

Drain resistance is intrinsic in:


Drain resistance usually acts silently. Only the lack of level drain messages indicates it is operating.

When consorting with a foocubus, the message "You have a curious feeling" indicates that you would have lost a level, but the loss was prevented by drain resistance.


Drain resistance is not especially important; this is because monsters' level drain attacks are subject to magic cancellation. By the time such monsters are encountered, most players will have a magic cancellation of 3 and a successful drain life attack will be extremely rare. Even then, a single point of experience is enough to regain the occasionally drained level.


In SLASH'EM, drain resistance also protects from the wand of draining. This makes drain resistance much more important, particularly in the Guild of Disgruntled Adventurers.

Drain resistance can also be acquired by:

SLASH'EM introduces the following new drain-resistant monsters:


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