Lump of royal jelly

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% Lump of royal jelly.png
Name lump of royal jelly
Base price 15 zm
Nutrition 200
Turns to eat 1
Weight 2
Conduct vegetarian

A lump of royal jelly is a special comestible that is usually only found in beehives (it can also be created by a horn of plenty). Royal jelly is vegetarian but not vegan.


Eating a blessed or uncursed lump of royal jelly will increase your strength (if not already maximized) by +1.[1] If cursed, it will decrease your strength by one.

If your legs are injured, they will be healed.

Your hit points are increased by 0-20 (or decreased if the jelly is cursed). If this would raise your HP above your max HP, there is a 6.25% chance (1 in 16) to increase your max HP by one.


Royal jelly is a popular comestible to store for the ascension run, as it has a very good nutrition-to-weight ratio and can be eaten in one turn, both of which can be crucial concerns in the late game.

Encyclopedia entry

"'Royal Jelly,'" he read aloud, "'must be a substance of
tremendous nourishing power, for on this diet alone, the
honey-bee larva increases in weight fifteen hundred times in
five days!'"

"How much?"

"Fifteen hundred times, Mabel. And you know what that means
if you put it in terms of a human being? It means," he said,
lowering his voice, leaning forward, fixing her with those
small pale eyes, "it means that in five days a baby weighing
seven and a half pounds to start off with would increase in
weight to five tons!"

[ Royal Jelly, by Roald Dahl ]


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