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% Lump of royal jelly.png
Name lump of royal jelly
Base price 15 zm
Nutrition 200
Turns to eat 1
Weight 2
Conduct vegetarian

A lump of royal jelly is a special comestible that is usually only found in beehives (it can also be created by a horn of plenty). Royal jelly is vegetarian but not vegan.


Eating a blessed or uncursed lump of royal jelly will increase your strength (if not already maximized) by +1.[1] If cursed, it will decrease your strength by one.

If your legs are injured, they will be healed.

Your hit points are increased by 0-20 (or decreased if the jelly is cursed). If this would raise your HP above your max HP, there is a 6.25% chance (1 in 16) to increase your max HP by one.

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Applying royal jelly to objects will smear it on them. Currently the only object affected by this is the egg. Cursed royal jelly will kill an egg; uncursed will rejuvenate it; and blessed will make the egg recognize you as its parent if it hatches in your inventory. This only works on monster eggs. Additionally, using royal jelly of any beatitude on a killer bee egg will turn it into a queen bee egg.


Royal jelly is a popular comestible to store for the ascension run, as it has a very good nutrition-to-weight ratio and can be eaten in one turn, both of which can be crucial concerns in the late game.



In xNetHack lumps of royal jelly can also be found in delicatessen shops.

Encyclopedia entry

"'Royal Jelly,'" he read aloud, "'must be a substance of
tremendous nourishing power, for on this diet alone, the
honey-bee larva increases in weight fifteen hundred times in
five days!'"

"How much?"

"Fifteen hundred times, Mabel. And you know what that means
if you put it in terms of a human being? It means," he said,
lowering his voice, leaning forward, fixing her with those
small pale eyes, "it means that in five days a baby weighing
seven and a half pounds to start off with would increase in
weight to five tons!"

[ Royal Jelly, by Roald Dahl ]


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