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However impressive an achievement an ascension might be, not all ascensions are created equal.


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Speedruns and score runs





  • A racial ascension set by Harold Hill: RGRN post
  • A MININT turns ascension by Khaos (-2147483648 turns): NAO dumplog
  • An unspoiled ascension by Timothy Nodine: RGRN post
  • A bag full of ascii art slime molds by zgedneil [1]
  • A bag full of ascii art slime molds by Adeon during /dev/null 2009 tournament screenshot
  • The first true multiplayer AceHack ascension, by ishanyx and PaRaD0xx on (defunct server):
  • DeathOnAStick's gem polypiling madness on NAO.
  • stth's super-extinctionist ascension: 255 kills of all monsters where that's possible. 819 wishes used, most of them to wish for figurines of shades, djinn, sandestins, chameleons, and statues of mail daemons. Even included a bag of ascii art slime molds. Dumplog
  • glisignoli ascension with all artifacts. Reddit post and dumplog.
  • smartbot3, lawful female dwarven Valkyrie on, apparently the first ascension by any bot, dumplog, ttyrec, and other data.

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