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An otyugh, X, is a type of monster that appears in SlashTHEM. Otyughs are omnivorous animals that are also capable of eating tainted corpses, similar to ghouls.

An otyugh has two claw attacks, a grabbing attack, and a poisonous tentacle attack that drains strength.


Otyughs are not randomly generated; when a large enough corpse rots away, an otyugh may be generated in its place.

An otyugh leaves a tainted corpse behind upon death, and tins of otyugh meat are always rotten.


The otyugh originates in the biodiversity patch.


The otyugh is a monster that originates from Dungeons & Dragons, where it makes its debut in the 1st Edition Monster Manual. Otyughs are strange-looking creatures with bloated, oval-shaped bodies 8 feet (2.4 meters) wide: they have three elephant-like legs, a disgusting, rock-like hide, and a pair of long tentacles that are covered in rough thorny growths and tipped with leaf-shaped pads bearing rows of sharp spikes. A third tentacle sprouts from the top of the otyugh's body, which forms a 2-foot vine-like stalk ending in a pair of eyes, and is used to process scents. In earlier editions, otyughs lack a distinct head, with their fang-filled mouth in the center of their body; its portrayal in SlashTHEM is derived from these depictions.

The otyugh is an omnivorous scavenger that dwells underground near piles of refuse and waste, and can consume almost all kinds of waste, including carrion and offal, though they take fresh meat when they get the chance. Due to its diet, an otyugh's mouth was filthy - its bite was a vector for all manner of diseases including typhus, filth fever and sewer plague. Otyughs are generally content to stay hidden in their lairs, only attacking if they felt threatened or hungry; they use their thorny tentacles to slash at foes or grab and squeeze creatures before dragging them into their maws. Despite its appearance and habits, an otyugh is somewhat intelligent and semi-telepathic, and can speak common tongues.