Really Cool Shirt

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[   Really Cool Shirt   T-shirt.png
Base item T-shirt
When carried
When worn
When invoked (none)
Base price 800 zm
Weight 5

The Really Cool Shirt is an artifact T-shirt that appears in TNNT (the game), first added in 2018. It is the reward for completing the DevTeam Office quest.

It is one of the few guaranteed shirts in TNNT besides the Tourist's starting Hawaiian shirt and the shirt carried by the deathmatch opponent.


The Really Cool Shirt cannot be wished for, and will revert to a normal T-shirt if found in a bones file.


The Really Cool Shirt acts as a luckstone while carried, and provides warning while worn. The shirt also has "ever-shifting text": each time you read it, there is a 4950 chance that it will read a random rumor according to its beatitude: true only if blessed, false only if cursed, or either if uncursed.[1]

Encyclopedia entry

Little is known about this strange garment. It is said that it comes from outside this dimension, brought here by the strange and unknown beings who created the world. It is inscribed with a large spiral symbol on the back, and the front constantly shimmers with shifting text.