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% Sandwich.png
Name sandwich
Base price 10 zm
Nutrition 100
Turns to eat 1
Weight 10
Conduct meat

A sandwich is a type of comestible in SLASH'EM.


Sandwiches can be found through ordinary random generation. They are somewhat uncommon, appearing with the same frequency as cream pies.


Sandwiches provide 100 nutrition at a weight of 10, making them one of the less weight-efficient comestibles; however, they can be eaten in one turn, like K-rations and C-rations. Unlike those rations, they are considered to be meat, breaking both vegetarian and vegan conduct.


While sandwiches can serve in the same role as a military ration - providing rapid nutrition in a battle - they are generally worse than said rations, with their lower nutritional value and fleshy nature. Vegetarians and vegans should avoid them entirely, and other characters should ditch (or eat) them once they find some K- or C-rations.