Scroll of consecration

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? Scroll.png
Name consecration
Appearance random
Base price 300 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 25-49
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The scroll of consecration is a scroll in NetHack: The Next Generation which also appears in dNetHack, Fourk, Slash'EM Extended and SlashTHEM.

When read, the scroll attempts to create an altar at your location. How much control you get over its alignment depends on the scroll's BUC status:

Case Effect
blessed The scroll asks you to select the alignment of the altar to create. This includes the option to create an unaligned altar dedicated to Moloch.
uncursed The scroll creates a co-aligned altar, unless you are polymorphed into a demon. In that case the altar will always be chaotic, regardless of your own alignment.
cursed The scroll creates an unaligned altar to Moloch.

Depending on the alignment of the altar created, you may be rewarded or penalized:

Alignment Effect
co-aligned +1 bonus to alignment record, prayer timeout reduced by 1-100 turns
cross-aligned -1 penalty to alignment record, prayer timeout increased by 1-100 turns
unaligned -3 penalty to alignment record, prayer timeout increased by 1-300 turns


Altars cannot be built in corridors (where furniture will never be found naturally) or on the Astral Plane. The latter would theoretically permit you to win the endgame without reaching one of the high altars, so appropriately this sort of behavior will incur an alignment penalty.


You feel claustrophobic!
You read the scroll on a tile ineligible for an altar (specifically a corridor tile).
You sense the wrath of the gods.
You read the scroll on the Astral Plane, and incurred an alignment penalty.
You build an altar.
You read the scroll successfully.
Pronouncing arcane formulas, you consecrate the altar to <deity>.
Indicates the alignment of the altar.
You feel comfortable.
You received a +1 alignment bonus for creating a co-aligned altar.
You feel uncomfortable.
You received a -1 alignment penalty for creating a cross-aligned altar.
You feel very uncomfortable.
You received a -3 alignment penalty for creating an altar to Moloch.


The behavior is different in dNetHack - a cursed scroll doesn't produce any altar, and a confused reading randomizes the alignment.


You will find one free copy of this scroll in the magic chest. Reading the scroll while confused will generate another magic chest, which is linked to the other magic chests as usual.


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