Scroll of time

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? Scroll.png
Name time
Appearance random
Base price 100 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 15-29
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The scroll of time is a type of scroll that was introduced in SpliceHack. When read, this scroll grants you a large number of movement points.


In SpliceHack, this is a rare scroll, just a little more common than a scroll of genocide[1]. In Hack'EM, the probability is the same as a scroll of genocide.

Wizards have a random chance of starting with this scroll.


Reading a scroll of any beatitude will auto-identify it. Monsters will not read this scroll. The effects when read depend on the scroll's beatitude, including confused readings:[2]

Beatitude Effect Confused effect
Blessed 75 movement points (effectively 6.25 more turns)

Uses 30-59 nutrition.

Paralyzes you for 5-9 turns.
Uncursed 50 movement points (effectively 4.2 more turns).

Uses 30-59 nutrition.

Paralyzes you for 10-14 turns.
Cursed Paralyze you for 15-19 turns. Paralyze you for 15-19 turns.

For reference, a normal-speed turn is 12 movement points.

In SpliceHack, the scroll sets the movement points for your next turn to the above amount. Note that this could give a monster (ie: Pestilence) the extra turn they need to kill you now. Reading multiple scrolls of time also will not stack for the current turn, your next turn will always be the benefit of extra movement points.


In Hack'EM, the behavior of the scroll of time is altered slightly in the player's favor. When read, the scroll adds to your current movement points and extends the current turn.[3] In contrast to SpliceHack, when you read a non-cursed, non-confused scroll with a nasty next to you, you are guaranteed some time to act. The scroll also costs 300 instead of 100.

However, a few restrictions have been added to make them very rare and prevent abuse of the time mechanic:


The scroll of was introduced in SpliceHack and continued into the SpliceHack rewrite. It was later ported to Hack'EM.


You are frozen in time!
You read a cursed or confused scroll of time.
You read a non-cursed scroll of time while hallucinating.
Time slows down to a crawl around you!
You read a non-cursed scroll of time.
The scroll violently resists the cloning process!
You tried to clone a scroll of time.
You cannot write an illusion!
You tried to write a scroll of time.