Scroll of undo genocide

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? Scroll.png
Name undo genocide
Appearance random
Base price 300 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 10-19
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A scroll of undo genocide is a type of scroll that appears in NetHack: The Next Generation and SlashTHEM.


Reading a scroll of any beatitude auto-identifies the scroll and prompts you to enter the name of a single species of monster - if that monster was removed from the game by genocide, then it will be restored and can be randomly generated again. The scroll cannot restore species of monsters that have been rendered extinct, and will not restore genocideless conduct; if you fail to enter a valid species within five attempts, then nothing will be un-genocided.


The scroll of undo genocide is only of use to a player who has genocided at least one species, and is typically reserved for recovering a useful monster from a previous genocide (e.g. mind flayers, for the intelligence or telepathy gain from eating their corpse or tin); multiple scrolls are required to partially or completely undo a monster class genocide, since only one species can be restored at a time. Notably, the scroll is always safe to read regardless of beatitude.

Outside of this, the scroll is usually a textbook candidate for blanking or polypiling.


Such creatures do not exist in this world.
You named a nonexistent species.
This creature has not been genocided.
You named a species that still exists, or became extinct.
The race of <foos> now exist again.
You successfully ungenocided a species.