Scroll of undo genocide

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? Scroll.png
Name undo genocide
Appearance random
Base price 300 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 10-19
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

The scroll of undo genocide is a scroll in NetHack: The Next Generation which also appears in Slash'EM Extended and SLASHTHEM.

When read, the scroll self-identifies and prompts you to select a genocided monster to ungenocide. The species selected will no longer be treated as genocided and can be randomly generated again.

This is the only possible effect, regardless of BUC status, so there is no danger in using a cursed scroll, or advantage to using a blessed scroll. You will only be able to choose a single species, so this cannot be used to reverse class genocides.


This scroll will not revive species that have become unavailable due to extinction; it only applies to those that have been deliberately genocided. Thus the scroll cannot be used to ensure that more than 120 of a certain monster can exist.

Ungenociding will always succeed, with just one exception in Slash'EM Extended and SLASHTHEM: the Ungenomold will always resist being ungenocided.

Specifying an invalid species—this includes species that have not been genocided, and the species that cannot be ungenocided (the Ungenomold)—five times in a row will result in nothing being ungenocided.


Reversing all of your genocides will not restore genocideless conduct. Even though you made amends for your actions, you still benefited during the time when those monsters could not be generated.


The undo genocide scroll is only of any use to a player who has genocided at least one species, so it will be meaningless to a genocideless player. Otherwise, it will only be useful on the rare occasion that you regret having exterminated a useful monster (e.g. the mind flayer, for the intelligence or telepathy gain from eating the corpse), or you want to recover one useful species from a class you have wiped out.

Outside of this scenario, the scroll is a textbook candidate for blanking or polypiling.


Such creatures do not exist in this world.
You named a nonexistent species.
This creature has not been genocided.
You named a species that still exists, or became extinct.
The race of <foos> now exist again.
You successfully ungenocided a species.
For some reason, you cannot ungenocide this species!
Ungenomolds cannot be brought back.


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