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NetHack demands accurate spelling skills of its users most of the time, but occasionally it can be forgiving. For example, typing "grey dragon scale mail" (like one would do in the UK) and "gray dragon scale mail" (the US spelling) when prompted for a wish will yield the same item. There are several other items which will admit varied spellings:[1]

The plural of some entities of non-English or unusual origin is the same as the singular:[2]

Many plurals are irregular. While most of these will be familiar to English speakers, there are a few which may not be:

  • djinni -> djinn (from Arabic)
  • mumak -> mumakil (from Elvish)

The latter case might be relevant to those wishing to genocide mumakil (djinn cannot be genocided).

Interestingly, the game will attempt to pluralize correctly many words which do not normally appear in-game. In vanilla NetHack, such words will only be seen as fruit names. The game even accounts for such odd choices of name as "lotus" or even "child."[3]


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