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New levels in the Dungeons of Doom

The Rat level: The Rat level has a swarm of hostile rats, led by a rat ruler.

New levels in Gehennom

Mephisto's Lair: The demon lord Mephistopholes lurks in a fort surrounded by lava.

Malcanthet's Lair: A garden full of nymphs and foocubi, ruled by the demon lord Malcanthet.

Altered vanilla levels

Minetown: There are new Minetown variants: the Zoo Town from SporkHack/EvilHack, and the spooky Lavender Town.

The Big Room: As many as two Big Room levels may be generated, one below level 10 and one below level 20.

Vlad's Castle:

Vlad's Castle

The first level of Vlad's Tower has been replaced by a large courtyard and castle structure. Alucard can be encountered here. [1]

The Castle: A number of minor features are randomly generated.[2]

Asmodeus' Lair: Asmodeus now has a fortress of his own, on an underground riverbank.

Baalzebub's Lair: Baalzebub's central complex is surrounded by a swamp.

New branches

The bar: the Bar is an homage to the Guild of Disgruntled Adventurers from SLASH'EM. The level has many player monsters fighting each other, potions of booze, and a bar run by a peaceful Barkeep.

The Lost Tomb: The Lost Tomb has lots of potions, scrolls, spellbooks guarded by an army of undead.

Black Market: The Black Market sells an enormous variety of items at rather exorbitant prices.

New endgame levels

The Gemstone Array: The Gemstone Array is similar to the Plane of Earth, but is rocked by earthquakes every few turns. It is located between the Plane of Air and the Plane of Earth.

The Plane of Ice: A level with icebergs randomly drifting around, similar to the Plane of Water except that its possible to fly, levitate or jump between icebergs. It is located between the Plane of Air and the Plane of Fire.

The City of Brass: The City of Brass is similar to the Plane of Fire, but covered in a maze of buildings and filled with efreet. It is located between the Plane of Fire and the Plane of Water.


The following branches and levels have been removed:

  • The Void
  • Statuary
  • Icy Wastes
  • Dark Forest
  • Drinking Hall
  • Mysterious Laboratory