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New regular levels

Statuary: This level looks like a regular dungeon level, but contains a cockatrice in one of the rooms, and a total of 20 statue traps spread throughout the level. One of the statues contains a wand of wonder. Appears with 40% probability in levels 18–20.

Altered vanilla levels

Vlad's Castle:

Vlad's Castle

The first level of Vlad's Tower has been replaced by a large courtyard and castle structure. Alucard can be encountered here. More details at https://github.com/NullCGT/SpliceHack/blob/Master/dat/tower3.lua

The Castle: Has several variants originally created by Patric Mueller.

Fort Ludios: Has several variants originally created by Patric Mueller.

Big Room: The Big Room can be found on levels 10–12, 20–22, and 30–32, each with a 40% probability.

New branches

Icy Wastes: The Icy Wastes contains a large number of cold-based monsters, including the Failure Eidolon. Useful loot includes a pair of earmuffs and an orb of permafrost. This level is accessed via a portal located somewhere on levels 15–22.

Dark Forest: The Dark Forest is filled with an enormous number of werecreatures, including some that are unique to that level, such as a werebear, a werecockatrice, and Drauglir. The Dark Forest is the only way aside from wishing to obtain a moonstone.

Drinking Hall: Contains a large number of dwarven revelers, and is presided over by two storm giants. Notable loot includes several kegs and a large number of potions of booze. This level can be accessed via an upward staircase on the level above Mines' End.

Mysterious Laboratory: The Mysterious Laboratory is the home of the Ancient Brain, and contains a small number of random potions and spellbooks. It can be accessed via a downward staircase located in levels 20–24.

Black Market: The Black Market sells an enormous variety of items at rather exorbitant prices.

New endgame levels

The City of Brass: The City of Brass is similar to the Plane of Fire, but covered in a maze of buildings and filled with efreet. It is located between the Plane of Fire and the Plane of Water.

The Eternal Storm: The Eternal Storm is very similar to the Plane of Air, but is completely dark. It is located between the Plane of Air and the Plane of Fire.

The Gemstone Array: The Gemstone Array is similar to the Plane of Earth, but is rocked by earthquakes every few turns. It is located between the Plane of Air and the Plane of Earth.

Version history

The Void: The Void was a new branch that contained numerous deadly monsters, including a void dragon, and a large number of portals that link to other dungeon branches. Entering the portal which one entered the void through would not necessarily lead to the same entrance. The void could be accessed via a portal located one level above the castle. The Void was introduced before version 0.4.0, disabled in version 0.4.0, reworked and reintroduced in version 0.6.0, and removed in version 0.8.0.