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Written by the programmer:

Added weeping angels. Weeping angels possess three melee attacks, all affected by magic cancellation: a level draining attack, a magic draining attack, and a levelporting attack. In the source mythology, they are "creatures of the abstract" that feed off both energy and the potential lives of their victims, the latter obtained by transporting them back in time. The three combined attacks are the (Un)NetHack? equivalent of this. (The levelporting attack is not yet enabled for weeping angels hitting other monsters. The current excuse is that only the player has much of a potential life to feed upon.) They also possess a gaze attack. In the source mythology, looking into the eyes of a weeping angel creates an angel within your mind. If the player is blind, they cannot see the angel's eyes, and if they have reflection, the angel avoids looking at them in order that it not observe itself. Fighting the mental reflection of an angel, although dangerous, exercises intelligence. One should be careful, however, as it also does flat damage without regard for AC or resistances. Also added is a weeping angel themed big room.

Hopefully, that will be of help when writing the article.

1175 /* Weeping Angels */

	1176	    MON("weeping angel", S_ANGEL, 
	1177	        LVL(12, 12, -5, 70, -7), (G_NOCORPSE|G_SGROUP|G_GENO|G_SHEOL|1), 
	1178	        A(ATTK(AT_CLAW, AD_DRLI, 1, 8), ATTK(AT_CLAW, AD_DREN, 1, 8), 
	1179	          ATTK(AT_TUCH, AD_LVLT, 1, 6), ATTK(AT_GAZE, AD_BLNK, 0, 0), 
	1180	          NO_ATTK, NO_ATTK), 
	1181	        SIZ(WT_HUMAN, 0, 0, MS_SILENT, MZ_HUMAN), 
	1185	        M3_INFRAVISION, CLR_GRAY), 

There is a LOT more information found here:

Good luck writing the article, and thanks in advance!

--Ozymandias (talk) 22:37, 21 July 2013 (UTC)

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   05/05/13 20:39:12 (3 months ago)




   Weeping angel overhaul:
   Weeping angels do not appear in Sheol.
   Weeping archangels -- faster, stronger weeping angels -- appear only in Sheol.
   Weeping (arch)angel damage distribution has been adjusted.
   Weeping (arch)angels cannot move if the player can see them, although they can still use their melee and gaze attacks.
   Weeping (arch)angels using their gaze attack on each other are turned to stone.

This information should be included.

--Ozymandias (talk) 19:15, 22 July 2013 (UTC)