The Holographic Void Lily

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(   The Holographic Void Lily   Credit card.png
Base item credit card
When carried
When used
  • unlocks doors
When invoked
Base price 7000 zm
Weight 4

The Holographic Void Lily is the Cartomancer quest artifact. When carried, it provides half spell damage, reflection, and fast energy regeneration. The Holographic Void Lily generates up to 10 monsters around the user when invoked.


Summoning monsters with the Holographic Void Lily can be used as an unlimited resource of create monster for sacrificing and farming, although the usefulness of this effect is questionable after completing the quest. The Holographic Void Lily is also desirable for its energy regeneration and slotless reflection; no other chaotic artifact provides these properties, thus making it a potential artifact wish for non-Cartomancers.


The name "Holographic Void Lily" is a reference to the card Black Lotus, the most expensive and powerful Magic: the Gathering card of all time.

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