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This is a place for me to put notes about dNetHack, some of which might be useful for others or potentially helpful resources for new articles. It's not all that organized…

Feel free to correct factual mistakes directly and point out other issues on the talk page.



  • Vampires are powerful and their bite is an OK attack by binder standards
  • Incantifiers start out pretty weak but do fine in the midgame; bind Buer ASAP


  • Buer tends to be a net benefit, particularly near the beginning of the game. Incantifiers will probably want to spend most of the game with Buer bound as they don't naturally regenerate and it's the easiest method for them. Even otherwise, the additional regeneration is helpful, and the martial arts skill doesn't require you to find a weapon, which helps early-game binders survive.
  • Andrealphus is a get-out-of-jail-free card. Teleport a dangerous monster away, or teleport yourself to safety – added mobility is a plus.
  • If you want to explore the dark Gnomish Mines, you might want to consider Amon. Don't do this if you are going to have to pray.
  • Eden gives reflection and makes your body silvered. (How does that work for vampires, anyway?) While really useful in the mid to late game, this combines nicely with Vlad's Tower being at the top of the Mines as well – once you have a way into the tower, go in and deal with the vampires. Make sure you have a way to deal with Cerberus – Circle of Acheron works well – and the vampires' level-draining bite.
  • Otiax is good all around; you get more attacks and a spirit power that can be used to deal damage as well as to escape.
  • Similarly, Simurgh is helpful.
  • Tenebrous's area-of-effect power can be a good way to quickly get rid of nearby gnomes in the Mines. For binders taking on Vlad's early, his drain resistance makes everything much safer – just let Vlad hit you until he dies.