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The Necronomicon is a legendary tome containing a large variety of magical formula. Despite the book's fearsome reputation, simply reading the book is not particularly dangerous. On the other hand, actually casting some of the spells found within can be suicidal.

Using the Necronomicon

The Necronomicon can be used via invocation (i) or reading (r). A character can opt to read a known incantation out of the book or study the book in an attempt to find new incantations.

Studying the Necronomicon

When studying the Necronomicon, a character delves into the main body of the work, searching for useful magic formulas amongst the author's disjointed ranting. Once they find such a formula, they will mark their place so that they can quickly find the relevant passages in the future.

Studying the Necronomicon abuses wisdom, and requires 100 rounds of undisturbed study. At the end of this period, the character makes a check (1d10+Int - 15 - # incantations known) to learn a new incantation. However, each learning of a new incovation beyond the 4th one (i.e. the 5th, 6th, 7th) has a chance to permanently bar you from learning any more invocations. Because of this, a character will get anywhere from 5 to 7 invocations from merely reading the text.

Failure abuses intelligence and wisdom, success adds a randomly selected incantation to the list of known incantations. It is possible for the new incantation to be redundant with an already known passage, in which case it has no effect (and does not count for the invocations learned).

Reading from the Necronomicon

After a character discovers a passage through study, they will still need to read the incantation aloud for it to have any effect.

Choosing to read a known incantation brings up a menu listing known passages, from which the desired incantation can be selected. In most cases, the character will still require a considerable number of undisturbed turns in order to read the incantation in full. Summoned monsters have a 50% chance of turning on their summoner if their level is greater than or equal to the summoner's level. Pets summoned tame beyond your pet limit will be friendly, and thus turn back to hostile/peaceful after a certain time.

Necronomicon Effects

Summoning Effects

Summon Byakhee

Summons 1 to 4 tame byakhee (typically 1). Summoned byakhee may immediately turn on their summoner.

Summon Night-gaunt

Summons 1 to 4 tame nightgaunts.

Summon Shoggoth

Summons a hostile shoggoth. The shoggoth is initially sleeping. Once awakened, it will lash out randomly.

Summon Ooze

Summons 1 to 8 tame oozes. Summoned oozes may immediately turn on their summoner.

Summon Demon

Summons a tame demon, which may immediately turn on its summoner

Summon Devil

Summons a tame devil, which may immediately turn on its summoner.


Study secrets of defense

Learn the spell Protection

Study secrets of life and death

Learn the spell Turn Undead

Study secrets of the intangible forces

Learn the spell Force Bolt

Study secrets of time and decay

Learn the spell Drain Life

Study secrets of the Reaper

Learn the spell Finger of Death

Study secrets of monster detection

Learn the spell Detect Monsters

Study secrets of clairvoyance

Learn the spell Clairvoyance

Study secrets of unseen things

Learn the spell Detect Unseen

Study secrets of knowledge without learning

Learn the spell Identify

Study secrets of confusion

Learn the spell Confuse Monster

Study secrets of fear

Learn the spell Cause Fear

Study secrets of gravity

Learn the spell Levitation

Study secrets of the earth mother

Learn the spell Stone to Flesh

Study secrets of fraying the weave

Learn the spell Cancellation

Other Effects

Study secrets of war and killing

Reduces your maximum energy by 20 points, but unrestricts your currently wielded weapon up to Expert proficiency.

Study secrets of health and recovery

Duplicates the effects of a unicorn horn

Study the legends of lost Carcosa

You learn how to draw the Yellow Sign ward.

Study up on ancient warding signs

You learn how to draw the Circle of Acheron, Pentagram, Hexagram, Elder Sign, Hamsa, Elder Elemental Eye, Sign of the Scion Queen Mother, Cartouche of the Cat Lord, and Wings of Garuda Wards.

Study the Lords of the Elements

You learn how to draw the Sigil of Cthugha, Brand of Ithaqua, and Tracery of Karakal Wards.

Study the first half of the testament of whispers

You learn 16 seals of the Spirits of the Near Void.

Study the second half of the testament of whispers

You learn 16 seals of the Spirits of the Near Void.

Only 1 spirit is learned from either of the testament of whispers, therefore reading both provides knowledge of all 31 of the Spirits of the Near Void.