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The Rod of Seven Parts is a powerful artifact of Law with a nonstandard invocation system.

Invoking the Rod

Unlike most artifacts, the Rod can be repeatedly invoked with no delay between uses. Instead, when invoked the Rod prompts the user for a command word. The power used is determined by the command word entered.

The Rod's various powers reduce the Rod's enhancement bonus. Basic (one word) commands can reduce the Rod's enhancement down to a minimum of -7, advanced (multi-word) commands can only reduce the enhancement down to 0.

Valid commands are:

Command Approximate translation Effect Charges used Minimum Enhancement
Ruat Fall Prompts user of a direction. Makes a single pit adjacent to user in the indicated square. One Charge -6
Coelum Heaven Casts cure wounds on the user (heals (1 + level/3)d4 + level hp). One Charge -6
Fiat Let it be Creates a food ration. One Charge -6
Justitia Justice Casts light. One Charge -6
Ecce See Casts detect monsters and detect unseen (as skilled spell/blessed scroll). Two Charges -5
Lex Law Grants enlightenment, unrestricts the spear skill, and formally identifies the Rod. Two Charges -5
Rex King Grants Levitation, as if for quaffing three blessed potions of levitation. After landing, the character may take off again by pressing '<' when not standing on the upstairs. Three Charges -4
Ruat Coelum Heaven Falls Prompts for a target location. Causes 1+level/5 explosions centered on the indicated location, each worth d(level/2+1+int bonus). Each explosion deals fire, ice, or electricity damage, determined at random. One Charge +1
Fiat Justitia Let justice be done Prompts for a direction. Casts Force Bolt and Slow Monster in the indicated direction, as well as Cause Fear. Two Charges +2
Lex Rex Law is King Removes curses, sickness, and green slime. Three Charges +3
Ecce! Lex Rex See! Law is King Casts Charm Monster. Five Charges +5
Ruat Coelum, Fiat Justitia Though heaven falls, let justice be done Summons 1+level/5 pets (high level vortexes and elementals). Casts protection. Seven Charges +7
Ruat Coelum, Fiat Justitia. Ecce! Lex Rex! Though heaven falls, let justice be done. See! Law is King! Summons 1+level/5 pets (high level vortexes and elementals). Heals you fully, cures sickness and green slime. Allows you to levitate by pressing '<'. Casts Charm Monsters. Fourteen Charges +7

Charging the Rod

The Rod can be charged via scrolls of enchant weapon or by using the Rod in melee combat.

Scrolls of charging can be used to safely increase the Rod's enhancement to +7. The Rod's enhancement bonus is capped at +7, and the Rod will never be evaporated by attempts to overenchant it.

Wielding the Rod in melee combat grants +1 enhancement per seven hits. The Rod will enchant itself up to +7 or your level/3, whichever is less.