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The Cerulean Sign is a special hallucinatory ward that is functional. On the ground, it appears as a "cerulean weeping-willow". It is the Dungeons and Dragons equivalent of the Elder Sign, introduced in Lords of Madness. In dnethack, it acts as a 1-fold elder sign.

Strokes to draw

The Cerulean Sign can't be normally drawn.

  • It may be drawn with very low probability while hallucinating. In this case, the strokes to draw is the same as whatever you were TRYING to draw.
  • It may also be drawn by polymorphing an existing engraving or found on a ring, both with low probability.
  • If you know all other normal wards, reading a confused scroll of warding (which normally engraves a random ward you do not know) will draw the cerulean sign.

Warded monsters

Maximum reinforcement

1-fold (can't be reinforced)

How to learn

  • The Cerulean Sign can't be learned.
  • It may be found with low probability on randomly generated rings.
    • Although the ward can't be learned, the ring can be applied to scare monsters as normal.