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Strokes to draw


Warded monsters

c, r, N, S, :, Kraken

Maximum reinforcement

7-fold. Each ward from 1 to 7 affects the appearance. It is shown as a "a <splendid> rendition of the wings of Garuda". Each level is as follows:

  • "rudimentary"
  • "almost passable"
  • "passable"
  • "somewhat detailed"
  • "detailed"
  • "very detailed"
  • "splendid"

Secondary effects

  • n out of 7 chance to resist poison (where n = reinforcement level). Complete Poison resistance when 7-fold reinforced.

How to learn

  • Found in spellbooks of 1st through 7th level.
  • Found on 1/24 magic rings with a useful engraving.