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Eve, the first sinner

And Eve lived to be older than any woman;
who, in the end, did not die, but who
retreated to her cave. Blamed for Sin.
For Misery. For the Fall.

[“The Parliament Of Rooks”, Neil Gaiman]

Binding Ritual

Eve's seal must be drawn next to a tree, which the binder must face during the ritual.


You must not eat fruit while bound to Eve.


You bear bloody wounds on your feet and stomach.


The wounds can be seen from a distance.


Wear boots and a cloak.


You take half physical damage


Eve grants skill in scythes, sickles, and bows.

Active Powers

  • Barrage: Fire a large number of projectiles. The barrage consists of the maximum number of projectiles you could multishoot, plus 1/10 your level.
  • Thorns and Stones: You create a small stack (1 die + 1d5) of ammunition for your currently wielded ranged weapon. You take damage equal to your die size.

Passive Powers

  • Harvester: Your attacks deal double damage to plants.
  • Hunter-gatherer: Creatures are more likely to leave corpses (roll the corpse-chance twice), kicked trees yield half again more fruit.