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Ymir, Lord of the Grassless Gap

There was, in times of old, when Ymir lived,
neither sea nor sand nor waves,
no earth, nor heaven above,
but a yawning gap, and grass nowhere.

From Ymir's flesh the earth was formed,
and from his bones the hills.
From Ymir's skull, the ice-cold sky,
and from his blood the sea.

Binding Ritual

Ymir's seal must be drawn around a rotting, poisonous corpse.


You must not eat or sacrifice giants.


You begin to rot. This mark gets progressively worse the more time you have spent in the Mazes of Menace.


Your rot can be detected from a distance.


The rot can be hidden with concealing clothing.


Ymir grants immunity to poison.


Ymir grants skill with clubs

Active Powers

  • Poison Gaze: Deal 5 dice of damage to a single target creature with a poison-elemental gaze attack.
  • Gap Step: You begin levitating. The duration is equal to Ymir's remaining binding period, plus a 5 turn safety margin. You may also cease levitating at will by pressing '>'.

Passive Powers

  • Footsteps of Giants: You can move over and pick up boulders as a giant.
  • Poison-born: Quaff potions of sickness to heal.
  • Putrescent Life: Ability score damage quickly heals.