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  • is rewriting from scratch FreeNode:#nethack's Rodney (bot) (and contributed a lot to the original Rodney).
  • has a lot of NetHack-related scripts and things at [1]
  • posts on RGRN as Shawn M Moore (sometimes without that M).
  • is very, very fond of Perl.
  • enjoys a nice glass of Elbereth - or, as he would put it, ElberethElberethElberethElberethElbereethElbereth - chased with Mountain Dew.
  • is currently working (with toft and doy) on Interhack, a layer between player and server (NAO) which extends functionality and adds a great deal of gameplay automation.

NetHackWiki Projects


User:Eidobot is a bot written in Perl that adds new articles. He's released under the MIT license, so go nuts. The line breakdown is:

  • real code: 36
  • blank: 25
  • license: 16
  • minor code (brackets, etc): 12
  • comment-only lines: 11
  • total: 101

so as you can see, he's pretty lightweight. He uses WWW::Mechanize, which isn't in the core Perl distribution; download it with:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install WWW::Mechanize'

Annotating source code

One of my unfinished projects here at NetHackWiki is to label each function name (and long comments and important structures) to help source divers and source annotaters. Some of the things I've learned are:

International Eidolos Day

The 13th of August is International Eidolos Day, when we all watch Eidolos on NAO. It's frowned upon for other people to ascend on NAO on this date.

A soldier ant killed me on the morning of Aug 13, ending my ascension streak (I did get three wizards in a row, though!), so International Eidolos Day is cancelled. Sorry! :)