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I am funcrunch on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs). I have ascended every role, race, and alignment in (vanilla) version 3.4.3, and have been a survivor (no amulets of life saving used up) in all of my NAO wins thus far.

I've also ascended with nine of the twelve official conducts (not all at once!) in 3.4.3. The conducts I haven't attempted (and doubt that I will anytime soon) are illiterate, foodless, and pacifist. My best behaving win to date was a six-conduct Monk (vegan, vegetarian, weaponless, artifact-wishless, polyselfless, polypileless). I nearly always try for artifact-wishless and polyselfless conducts, only breaking the former to wish for Grayswandir in an atheist ascension.

In 3.6.0/3.6.1 so far I have ascended: Priestess (x2), Wizard, Valkyrie (x2), Ranger (x3), Cavewoman (x2), Monk (x2), Archeologist, Rogue, Healer, and Tourist.

On June 28, 2016, I achieved my goal of ascending with all 38 possible combinations of role, race, and alignment. See my NAO dashboard (does not show the conducts that I achieved before NAO got xlogfile installed after the Great Crash of 2008, including that six-conduct Monk, atheist and genocideless Priestesses).

I've been playing Nethack since 1993, version 3.1. My favorite role is the Priestess. (I almost always play female characters, solely so that I can lay eggs if I step on a polytrap before acquiring magic resistance and happen to get polymorphed into a useful form.)

In real life I am a freelance photographer and blogger, living in San Francisco.