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Been playing NetHack since late September 2014.

Currently only play Wizard, due to finding other roles either boring (Valkyrie, and other warrior-types) or too difficult

Two ascensions.


Went through Gehennom without Fire resistance. Wasted a charge of WoW before entering planes on 2 blessed tins of red dragon meat. Wasted another charge of WoW on 2 blessed potions of full healing. Wasted final charge of WoW on ultimately unneeded Helm of opposite alignment


Much better prepared, found another 0:3 WoW in Orcus Town. Accidentally evaporated several pieces of armor, but had way more wishes than needed in order to recover. Wished for chickatrice corpse on Astral Plane. Had found Helm of opposite alignment at some point in dungeon, saved an extra wish.