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This page is an archive of YANIs. Feel free to use and implement them as you see fit.



  • Reduce level of turn undead to 2 or 3.
  • Add lightning as level 5 attack spell, at Unskilled and Basic has the same effect as a wand of lightning, at Skilled and Expert explodes on its first target
  • Spell of repair: level 3 matter spell. If wielded weapon is eroded, fixes its erosion. Otherwise, target a random piece of worn armor and fix any erosion it has. At Unskilled, the erosion will only be repaired 1 level at a time; at Basic, 2 levels; at Skilled, 3 levels; and at Expert (maybe) the item will be erodeproofed.
  • Cure blindness is a pretty useless spell, and should probably be removed or its effects folded into some other spell like extra healing or clairvoyance. Alternatively, if see invisible is nerfed so that it cannot be granted permanently, this could be folded into a "spell of true sight", which grants temporary see invisible as well as curing blindness and blocking (but not curing) hallucinations like Grayswandir's wield effect.
  • Spell of shove: level 4 or 5 escape spell. At Unskilled and Basic, it fires a beam that pushes the first monster it hits back one space (as if receiving a staggering blow, but doing no damage); at Skilled and Expert, it fires a shorter-range beam in all eight directions. Seems like it could be pretty fun, what with shoving monsters into moats to drown them and things like that.
  • The spell of clairvoyance grants a few hundred turns of intrinsic clairvoyance when cast at Skilled. This makes it useful for Samurai in particular.
  • Spells now take different numbers of turns to cast (interruptable by normal means). Combat spells and some of the emergency spells still take only 1 or 2 turns, but utility spells can take up to five or so.


Talismans are slotless amulet-class objects that can be "activated" for their effect, which expires after 4000 + 64d50 turns. Once a talisman runs out, it either turns into a non-magical talisman (which cannot be restored to its magical state) or disintegrates, I'm not sure which. Once activated, they cannot be switched off to conserve their lifetime. They can, however, be charged to extend their life by a few hundred turns while activated. There is no limit to the number of talismans a player can have active at once.

Talisman types
Extrinsic Randomized appearance Color of glow Auto-identifies
Magic resistance woven gold
Flying feathered blue Yes
Hungerless HP regeneration beaded green
Power regeneration patterned green
Astral vision painted white
Drain resistance weathered gold
Luck furred silver
Warding (full magic cancellation) aged gold
Clairvoyance segmented white
Light (radius 5) chiseled white Yes

(Extra random description: carved)

Something would probably have to be done so an ascension-ready player can't fire up a bunch of talismans at once before entering the Planes or Moloch's Sanctum. Perhaps there is a steadily increasing chance, dependent on the number of active talismans in inventory, that a talisman will disintegrate when a new one is activated or a previously activated one enters inventory. Any active talisman might disintegrate, not necessarily the new one. Having two active at a time is safe, but anything more is not.

The <talisman> sparkles and starts glowing <color>.
A talisman was activated.
The <color> glow of the <talisman> seems weaker.
A talisman is 100 turns from expiring.
The <color> glow of the <talisman> is getting faint.
A talisman is 10 turns from expiring.
The <talisman>'s glow disappears and it disintegrates.
A talisman expired.
The <talisman> shines with a brilliant light!
A talisman of light was activated.
You feel like flying!
A talisman of flying was activated.
The <talisman> glows violently red for a moment, then disintegrates.
Too many activated talismans were in inventory at once, and it disintegrated.


New set of weapons which are short staffs. They either use a new "short staff" skill or just Quarterstaff skill (which would be renamed to Staff skill). They are inferior to quarterstaves as a melee weapon, doing d2 damage versus small and large monsters, but they weigh only 10. There is one mundane staff that has no special abilities; the others are magical staffs that enhance a certain spell school when wielded by reducing spellcasting penalties and power and hunger costs for that school's spells. The Staff of Aesculapius' base item is now a staff of healing instead of a quarterstaff. Wood golems may drop these staffs in addition to quarterstaffs. Wizards will start with a staff of attack instead of a quarterstaff, or possibly a walking stick, depending on whether the Wizard early game is survivable with a plain walking stick.

While a staff is unidentified, it will not affect spell failure rates, so it is not trivial to identify. When you first successfully cast a spell of the staff's school while wielding it, you get the message "The staff attunes itself to your <school> magic", and the staff becomes identified.

Staff Randomized appearance
staff of attack yew staff
staff of healing holly staff
staff of matter ebony staff
staff of enchantment hemlock staff
staff of cleric redwood staff
staff of divination oaken staff
staff of escape maple staff
walking stick pine staff


  • New artifact dagger The Barrow-blade of Cardolan: has some flat bonuses, some additional bonuses versus undead, and instakills all W, ghosts, and shades. It is either lawful or unaligned. Could also be a short sword, since there are currently no artifact short swords, but for flavor it should be a dagger.
  • When the player kills a giant spider with an elven dagger and Sting has not yet been created, the dagger is converted into Sting automatically. Sting is made of rustproof steel, instead of wood (this would be tricky to do because of base items; you would still want to be able to create it by naming an elven dagger, but Sting in the lore is made of steel or at least metal, not wood). Sting has bonuses versus spiders, in addition to its bonuses against orcs.
  • Add a non-wielded-weapon non-quest artifact that is a guaranteed first sacrifice gift for Monks.
  • One such artifact is The Silver Star; an artifact silver shuriken that deals +d8 damage to all targets. Like Mjollnir, it returns to the player's inventory after being thrown, but doesn't have any chance of hitting the player. Since there is only one of it, it cannot be multishot.
  • Add one or two artifacts or modify artifact base types such that there is more than one good blunt artifact you can obtain through sacrifice. (The current three are Mjollnir, which is decent, and Ogresmasher and Trollsbane, which are not.)
  • Make Sunsword out of gold.

User interface or other technical things

  • The xlogfile shows which turn a conduct was first broken on, rather than compacting all conducts into a bitmask
  • Option to bring up the prompt to type-name an item any time it would normally be prompted, even if the object is already type-named. The example given is that if you price-id an object and then later see a monster use it, you then have the option to add this new information immediately.
  • The scroll of remove curse auto-identifies if it removes a visible curse from one or more objects (i.e. the player can compare his inventory before and after reading it and see that the curse is gone).
  • When the player is prompted to rename an object or a level that already has a name and submits an empty string, ask the player for confirmation to remove that name entirely: "Remove old name? [yn] (n)"
  • When farlooking and moving the cursor around, you can press "m" repeatedly to move the cursor to visible monsters on the screen in increasing order of distance from the player.
  • When standing on a (not known untrapped) container and pressing s, prompt the player to check for traps on the container. Search normally if they say no.
  • Anything the player touches is added to the discoveries list with a blank "called" string.
  • Engraving naturally interrupts instead of leaving the player helpless until it's finished.

New monsters and monster behavior

  • Rat king (not the SLASH'EM unique Rat King), based on the real-life rat king. It is a r, not much faster than a rock mole, but has several bite attacks (possibly scaling the amount by monster level). Each bite has a small chance of conferring disease. Its level corresponds to the number of entangled rats, so a slashing attack could sometimes cut off one rat, which then appears on the floor as a new rat, and makes the rat king lose a level.
  • Aggravate monster from a ring (and only from that) gives pets a special behavior: as they are aggravated, they will attack enemies with no regard to their current HP or the enemy's level, basically ignoring the checks that exist.
  • Green slimes have an engulfing attack that guarantees to start the sliming process (assuming the player isn't unchanging, on fire, etc).
  • New demon lord who spellcasts, favoring touch of death and summon nasties. However, the only thing it summons and gates in are incubi and succubi.
  • Small mimics (but not large or giant ones) can mimic the floor, looking like nothing in the same way a trapper or lurker above does.
  • Wandering hostile priests of Moloch occasionally generate in Gehennom.
  • Hostile conflict angels don't appear on the Astral Plane any longer, but A and @ are now immune to conflict on the Astral Plane.
  • Add a knockback attack and a monster that can use it. Getting knocked back into a wall deals some extra damage, and getting knocked back into water or lava has predictable effects.
  • Asmodeus and Baalzebub have a chance of re-appearing hostile to their levels (not a certainty; if they always came back there'd be no reason not to kill them off) when the player is on the way back up with the Amulet. Flavor-wise, this is because the player only paid for safe passage down, and now the player has their coveted Amulet.
  • Monsters may spawn on the upstairs or downstairs in sight of the player; they are coming in from other floors. If the monster selected spawns in groups, it picks somewhere that isn't the stairs, though.
  • Merge the y class into the e class - lights and spheres are both floating spherical enemies that attack you by exploding.

Additions to the list of items that certain monsters might death-drop:

  • Adult female dragons drop eggs (more so than the usual oviparous drop odds)
  • Killer bees occasionally drop lumps of royal jelly

Wishing for non-objects

Wishes are very powerful things, and I don't see any reason why they have to be limited to objects. I see this as a place to add interesting wishes with effects you can't get anywhere else.

  • Time: decreases the turn count a bit
  • Luck: increases Luck by d5 points
  • Intrinsics: gives you any intrinsic (that you can actually get in your normal form. Can't wish for intrinsic reflection, drain resistance, etc. Not sure about intrinsics normally only possible by eating jewelry.)
  • Attributes: increases whichever attribute. Maybe a d4 or d5 increase so it's not inferior to a blessed potion of gain ability.
  • World peace or just Peace: pacifies all monsters on the level, subject to normal resistances
  • Polymorph: you polymorph
  • Friends: same effect as a successful cast of create familiar
  • Terrain features: already wishable in wizard mode, the justification is "If the player wants to wish for lava, why not let them have lava?" You can wish for a throne, because the chance of getting two or more wishes off it is tiny.
  • Happiness: gives you a blessed potion of booze


  • Artifactless conduct: increment whenever an artifact enters the player's inventory (since the player never has to pick up an artifact).
  • Petless conduct: increment when the player starts with a pet or tames a monster. Can be accidentally broken by the taming effect of a magic trap; this bothers me. One solution is to have magic traps not tame if the player's pettype is 0, but I don't like that mixing of options and gameplay. In any case, polyselfless is another example of a conduct that can be broken accidentally and is far more likely.
  • Tins of "pureed monster" or "soup made from monster" do not break foodless conduct. Possibly change tin behavior so the preparation method can be discerned before eating it, or just display the preparation when the tin is opened, e.g. "You succeed in opening the tin. It contains a puree that smells like newts. Eat it?" This doesn't have to reveal every preparation method, so that greasy fried food remains a danger.


New objects

  • Add "candelabrum" as a new randomly generated tool. It can hold 3 candles and gives a light radius of 2 with one candle, 3 with two candles, and 4 with three candles. Its material is brass. The Candelabrum of Invocation's unidentified description is now "ornate candelabrum".
  • Brass knuckles: gauntlet-slot armor, increases bare hands and martial arts damage.
  • Potion of training: gives you a temporary multiplier to your experience point gains (lasts for the next N monsters, not the next N turns)
  • Armor of training: has no AC, but gives you a small multiplier to your experience point gains permanently.
  • Characters with at least Basic in sling can do something (use a touchstone? flint stone? any gray stone?) to break rocks into slingshot, which weigh 1 and have comparable to-hit and damage to flint stones. Slingshot may be weapon-class instead of rock-class. The higher the sling skill, the more shot that one can get out of a single rock. There should also be rare silver rocks, which can be broken into silver shot.
  • Blowguns, which can be used as a launcher for darts. (Cavemen can thematically use these.)

Object behavior

  • Breaking an amber stone (e.g. when fired from a sling and hitting a monster) has a chance to release a random a.
  • Applying a blessed whistle (either type) will unparalyze pets in range.
  • The amulet of restful sleep confers hungerless regeneration whenever the player is asleep.
  • Rename the two-handed sword to "greatsword", moving "two-handed sword" to its unidentified description.
  • When the hero #sits in a corner while wearing a dunce cap, give YAFM and exercise wisdom.
  • When breaking an identified wand of nothing, give YAFM: "Predictably, nothing happens."
  • Similar to object properties, a small fraction of wearable items are generated with a "trendy" attribute, which is not hidden from the player. Trendy items have an increased base price and add one charisma when worn.
  • Reading a blessed scroll of fire allows you to select a spot to center the blast of fire, similar to the selection for a scroll of stinking cloud or the advanced fireball spell. The damage of this scroll is also increased somewhat from what it is now, about four times the current damage, to make it worthwhile to use.
  • Whenever a diluted potion of acid would be created (i.e. by wishing or polypiling) it immediately explodes in an alchemic blast.
  • Flip the blessed and cursed effects of the scroll of create monster, with the argument that if beatitude influences an object's effects at all, blessing should amplify them and cursing should reduce them. However, consistency along these lines conflicts somewhat with the current behavior of objects, which is that blessing generally always gives the player a better effect and cursing gives them a worse one. The create monster scroll is in a weird place because both its blessed and cursed effects could be considered beneficial in different contexts.
  • A blessed scroll of destroy armor should allow the player to select which piece of armor to destroy. If they decline to choose, it selects a random piece of armor like the uncursed scroll.
  • When an egg gets very, very old, it cracks and releases a small stinking cloud. If it happens to be carried by the player, the cloud centers on the player. When it is within 100 turns of cracking, the player can throw it and it will release the stinking cloud wherever it shatters.
  • The Platinum Yendorian Express Card is made out of literal platinum instead of plastic.
  • Boomerangs should keep flying when they hit monsters, for the slapstick comedy value and also because it makes them a nicer weapon.
  • Colored glass frequency corresponds to its real-life frequency; red, orange, and yellow glass are rare; green and brown common, etc.
  • Junk mail is not only addressed to the finder of the Eye of Larn, but contains references to other games too.
  • Objects thrown at cloaked or hidden monsters pass right through the square as if no monster is on the square.
  • Because you pass beyond the mortal realm when you exit the Dungeons with the Amulet, life saving does not work in the End Game, at all, even for monsters.
  • You can apply a spear to hit things two spaces away like an unskilled polearm.
  • When a bag of holding explodes, each item inside has a 1/13 chance of being destroyed and a 12/13 chance of being scattered (using the same code that scatters drawbridge chains).
  • Reading a scroll of confuse monster while confused confuses nearby monsters in a large radius akin to confused taming.


  • At some skill level (Skilled or Expert or maybe even Master) martial arts gives you two attacks.
  • If your legs are unwounded and free, Skilled or better martial arts has a chance of dealing a kick instead of a punch. This has a small to-hit penalty but has better damage. Attacking with the F command will always punch.
  • New shop type "thrift shop". Contains items priced at a steep discount but which aren't very useful on their own. Examples include negatively enchanted or eroded (not necessarily cursed) weapons and armor, blank scrolls, magical tools with zero or one charges left.
  • Rangers have a role bonus which decreases the overall probability a projectile will break.
  • New container trap effect, a loud alarm that wakes nearby monsters. (Exploding chests already wake nearby monsters, but the chance of it happening is miniscule unless your Luck is below -7; this was proposed as one of the common effects even at high Luck.)
  • You can scare off the Vault guard by telling him your name is one of the demon lords. This has the same effect as if you couldn't say anything, so you're still trapped in the vault after he flees. -1 alignment penalty for lawful lying still applies.
  • Rolling boulder trap hit chance and damage is based on dexterity and not AC, for how much you can jump out of the way. Only high dexterity will allow you to dodge the boulder entirely.
  • When killed by a monster that brings you back as something else (zombie, vampire, green slime), you don't die; you continue playing in that form with permanent intrinsic unchanging. This might make it actually beneficial to get killed by a vampire.
  • Divine lightning (a god smiting you, particularly Moloch when you attack his high priest) should ignore reflection; it's a "wide-angle" blast of lightning. Maybe this should apply to the clerical spell too, I'm not sure. The high priest of Moloch should also be shock resistant.
  • At high skill, the spell of wizard lock should force items off the doorway to adjacent squares so it can make the door. If there's a monster on the door, it becomes embedded in the door.
  • Amnesia makes you forget spells and skill points instead of discoveries and maps.
  • If you attack a spellcasting monster that currently has maximum energy, it may cast a counterspell to ward off your attack
  • Detect monsters shows invisible monsters as I (or whatever S_invisible happens to be).
  • Tool shops stock touchstones.
  • With X-ray vision / astral vision, the only monsters you can see through walls are skeletons.
  • Negative messages are never punctuated with ! and favor ... but may still use just a period. (Example: "You feel attractive..." for gaining intrinsic aggravate monster in FIQhack, the existing "You feel attractive!" sounds like you gained Charisma.
  • Some object that you can dip in lava to enhance its properties.
  • Hitting monsters that have a passive shock attack with something made of copper, silver, or gold increases the amount of shock damage.

YANIs from IRC

This section is an attempt to list YANIs that come up on several NetHack-related IRC channels, so they don't end up ignored and forgotten.

Attribution will be listed whenever possible. I make no claim to any of the ideas in this section. Feel free to add any other YANIs from IRC to this page.

How these are retrieved: I log the #nethack, #nethack-dev, and #hardfought channels, and perhaps also some variant channels in the future. (If people are discussing YANIs on channels not listed here, let me know!) The logs are searched for strings like "yani", "yet another", and "feature request", with some surrounding context.

Idea Variant(s) Source
Monks, or anyone skilled in martial arts, can kick weapons out of an enemy's hand Tarmunora, NeroOneTrueKing
Dragon scales can be enchanted into dragonhide gear that is not scale mail GruntHack Demo
The Watch start with a small amount of gold, and will throw it at a player of the opposite gender while the player is disrobing Demo, Grasshopper
Engraving with Fire Brand burns the engraving as a wand of fire does. Tarmunora
New headstone messages:
  • I'll just hit this thing a couple more times, it'll die.
  • I don't need to unburden myself, they're only soldiers, I've been killing soldiers, it'll be fine.
  • Maybe if I press this key a bit harder I'll hit for more damage next time.
Chris, jonadab, Grasshopper
Blank spellbooks in flooded libraries generate with the "number of times read" counter full, so they can't be polypiled into readable books. dNetHack NeroOneTrueKing
Add a high level monster spell "raise dead", which resurrects nearby corpses as hostile monsters. Grasshopper
When attacking into a pit or falling while fumbling and wielding a pointy weapon, you have a chance to fall on your weapon. bezaban
Boots of shock resistance, which have a thick rubber sole to prevent you from being grounded Grasshopper
Improved alchemy in general and an alchemist role Demo
Scroll of detect magic shows magic fountains on the level as well as magical items. Fountains discovered this way are then displayed as "magic fountain" when near or farlooked. GruntHack aosdict
New monster: green cube, which combines the abilities of a green slime and gelatinous cube: both sliming and paralysis. Grasshopper
Merge the P and b monster classes, on the grounds that puddings and blobs are both classes of amorphous monsters that are sparsely populated. This was followed by a long discussion with several people about monster class rearrangement in NetHack Fourk. jonadab, Grasshopper, bug_sniper, aosdict, Tarmunora, FIQ
Necromancer patch / necromancer class added to dNetHack, including: creating skeleton armies, binding the undead via rituals similar to the Binder, launching rocks that contain small petrified animals that transform into undead animals, bone chains, encrusting undead minions with different jewels to grant them different powers dNetHack introsp3ctive, Demo
Opening a cursed bag of holding does not tell you what has disappeared, or it just says "Things have disappeared from the bag!" without describing them AmyBSOD
Role whose quest artifact's base item is a helm of opposite alignment. (This is apparently in Slash'EM Extended, but so are probably half the things on this list and I'm not going to bother cross-checking everything.) jonadab
Conflict affects things in a radius. The ring of conflict is a chargeable item, affecting this radius. jonadab
Monster status "discord", which causes a monster to be seen as a target and be attacked by other enemies. On the player, discord is the same as wielding Stormbringer. Discord is available through the spellbook of discord. Fourk jonadab
Applying a stethoscope tells the target's gender, and the hunger status of pets. Grasshopper
Easter eggs as an actual item, in addition to monster and chicken eggs. Grasshopper
The Bell of Opening is carried by your quest leader, who gives it to you when you return to them with the quest artifact. This solves the problem of making a game unwinnable by permanently changing alignment, since you can also get it by killing the quest leader. jonadab, Grasshopper
Leprechauns steal anything made of gold, in addition to plain gold pieces. (In vanilla, the only gold item is the gold ring, but variants have other gold items.) FIQ
Add rumors to FIQHack warning about dragons, which can be fairly dangerous. FIQHack rumflump
More acid resistance sources in FIQHack, to balance yellow dragons' exploding acid breath. Possibly a ring of acid resistance. FIQHack ais523, FIQ
Asmodeus should wield an artifact called the Ruby Rod. dNetHack zombifier
Pets on the Astral Plane always go with you when you ascend, regardless of whether they're adjacent or leashed to you. AmyBSOD
Roditaur: new humanoid monster that has an oversized rat's head and four arms. Has a powerful bite attack and four weapon attacks. SLASH'EM Extended jonadab
Add "numeric prefix" as a hallucinatory monster. ChrisE
Gehennom should be half as long, 10-12 levels, and should be mostly or all unique levels that are randomly chosen from a larger set Duam
Oilskin cloaks should be MC3 instead of MC2. jmr
Dragon eggs can be used as special types of thrown missiles. Black dragon eggs specifically have a disintegration effect. Wooble
Level sounds on every level with a branch stairs. For spoiled players, the main benefit of this is to help locate the stairs to Vlad's Tower. aosdict, jonadab
Chicken eggs identify as such when you formally ID them, and all eggs of a known type stay identified for the rest of the game. Grasshopper, jonadab
Gauntlets and boots of reflection Tangles
Water walking boots protect inventory from water and protect against drowning attacks jonadab
The timeouts for intrinsic invisibility and see invisible from eating a stalker corpse should be very long. SporkHack jonadab
See invisible operates on a scale that determines what level of invisible monsters the player is allowed to see. (A low-level monster that drinks a potion of invisibility should be visible even with weak see invisible, an arch-lich casting disappear should require very strong see invisible.) NeroOneTrueKing
Asmodeus and Baalzebub demand gold proportional to their difficulty or monster level, not the player's wallet. Possibly, if the player does not pay, they remain on the downstairs and will not move until the player has paid, which allows the player to return with the requisite amount of gold. jonadab, zombifier
Several small spellbook additions:
  • The thick spellbook weighs more than other kinds. The thin spellbook weighs less.
  • Reading a dusty spellbook has a chance of making you sneeze (if you are in a form with a nose), which wakes up monsters.
  • Reading a silvery spellbook as a silver-hater makes you "not able to handle" the book and drop it
aosdict, raisse
Instead of pushing pets out of the way as they do other monsters, the Riders can trample over pets, instakilling them. AmyBSOD
Net gnomes - wield tridents and have a sticky attack (the net), which causes subsequent attacks to hit automatically Grasshopper
Players can polymorph dungeon features by zapping a polymorph beam down at it, with some special cases:
  • Headstones can be created by polymorph and are more likely than other outcomes, but cannot be polymorphed into anything else. Trying to do so only polymorphs its epitaph.
  • Polymorphing an altar angers that altar's god and any attendant priest since you effectively destroyed their altar
  • Fountains either cannot polymorph into anything besides headstones or have a very limited chance of becoming something else; this is to prevent the player from being able to generate a bunch of thrones from fountains.
raisse, aosdict, jonadab, AmyBSOD
You can wear an empty bag over your head to blind yourself, but this sets charisma to 6. Grasshopper
When invisibility is about to time out, give the player a warning message "You thought you saw yourself for a moment" ("You seem to unfade for a moment" if you can see invisible, "You feel introspective for a moment" if hallucinating. raisse, aosdict
Monster damage armor spell ignores erosionproofing and damages the armor anyway, rather than removing the erosionproofing first. SporkHack AmyBSOD
Merge the ring of hunger and the ring of slow digestion into the same item; one is it with a positive enchantment and the other is with a negative enchantment jonadab
Untrapping a lavender trap gets you potions of lavender essential oil. Ants naturally dislike lavender oil, so ants will flee from a player that has been sprayed by a lavender trap or used a potion of lavender oil. Slash'EM Extended aosdict
Uranium wands glow in the dark. Grasshopper
Special room "ruined church" that contains ghosts, pieces of glass scattered around the floor, maybe an altar, maybe a spellbook, and blank paper/scrolls of junk mail scattered around the floor rdplatypus, aosdict
Bump the cloak of displacement up to MC 2. rdplatypus
Add a conduct for tracking whether the player has not used any of each class of objects. AmyBSOD
Tripe rations should not generate randomly very often, but they should appear in the inventories of monsters that like tripe, such as orcs. jonadab
Luck's effect on whether a projectile breaks is nerfed. Instead, the enchantment is the primary factor, and is not just simply "+2 or above". AmyBSOD
Polymorphing a highly enchanted object will vaporize it if it turns into something that normally can't be enchanted that high. AmyBSOD
Any gaze attack which is prevented by blindness (one which is visual in nature) is prevented by hallucination. FIQ, Chris, aosdict
Give monsters their own XP, because the system of "all kills are equal experience" is weird FIQ, greqrg
While wielding a polearm and attempting to move in a direction where there is a monster 2 spaces away, attack with the polearm instead of moving. Also attempt an attack for monsters 2 spaces away diagonally if polearms are Expert. To hit a monster a knight's move away, it still has to be applied. If preceded by the M key, don't try to attack. FIQ
Make the Ranger quest artifact a crossbow if you are a gnome. K2
Limit the amount of tamed monsters you can have at once. FIQHack FIQ
Rust monsters and disenchanters are quadrupeds, and should be q. (This would leave R empty though.) jonadab
Add some effect to Snickersnee so that it's not just a slightly better katana. Ideas include confusion resistance, stunning resistance, displacement. K2, jonadab, Mandevil
Give properties to other weapon materials besides silver that make them worth using.
  • Iron - good against fairy, elf, and fae creatures
  • Gold - associated with the sun, so good against undead
  • Platinum? Copper? Metal? Wood?
AmyBSOD, aosdict, Chris
Mithril body armor prevents bisection. jonadab
Buff late-game undead, because undead's significance in Gehennom tends to be pointless since they aren't scary by the time the adventurer gets there.
  • Zombies can resurrect in Gehennom akin to GruntHack zombies.
  • Spectres, which are like wraiths but much faster and with more attacks.
  • Vampire mages.
  • Skeletal dragons.
  • Minotaur zombies.
  • Z might need to be made ungenocideable.
jonadab, aosdict

YASI list

Some ideas are not intended to be taken seriously. But they might still find some use if listed here.

Silly Idea Variant Source
New "farmer" role: starts with seeds and a spade, has other tools available like sickles and scythes. jonadab
Opening a cursed bag of holding does not destroy the items, but it redistributes them around the level, or perhaps the entire dungeon. Grasshopper, AmyBSOD
Dropping a ring of polymorph control down a sink, then a ring of polymorph, turns the sink into a regularly erupting geyser. FIQ
The Mazes of Menace are located on the moon Titan, to mess with day/night and moon phases. rumflump
Donkeys that carry around the player's loot. If you kick a pet donkey, you get the YAFM "You kick your own ass!" jonathanhanes, Grasshopper
Playable race that doesn't have teeth and can't eat anything unless polymorphed into something that can. aosdict
New scroll label CONULATION (apparently it is CONGRATULATIONS minus GRATS?) aosdict
Potion of un-dilution. Does nothing when quaffed or thrown. Only effect is that when you dip a diluted stack of potions into it, they become undiluted. aosdict
Trap which pushes the player one level higher, like a potion of gain level. aosdict
Oilskin sack of cancellation, which cancels items that you put into it. AmyBSOD
Priest players, if they are at XL 30 (with the "High Priest(ess)" rank title), can kill their own high priest and take over, becoming the new high priest. aosdict
If you genocide @, you only die if you have showrace turned off so your symbol is a @. If you have showrace turned on, you live, but if you ever turn it off again that game, you die. Wooble
Lego trap. If you're not wearing metal boots, you take damage when you step on it. FIQ
Chicken soup that cures constitution loss when consumed. When thrown at a shade, wraith or ghost, it is instakilled (chicken soup is good for the soul). bug_sniper, aosdict
Dipping a thirsty weapon into water makes it satisfied. Hitting things with a satisfied weapon removes their hunger. bug_sniper, jonadab
Burying a troll corpse results in a troll zombie, which is twice as likely to reanimate. Sticking a troll corpse in an ice box results in an ice troll emerging from the box. Dumping a troll in lava results in a lava troll. Dumping a troll corpse in water results in a water troll. Locking a troll corpse in a box results in a freedom fighter troll, who goes around liberating all the other trolls from their boxes. Tangles, jonadab, aosdict
Tasp: charged ranged tool that works on monsters that have a mind and are not immaterial. It paralyzes for one turn, dealing no damage, and has a small chance of taming. To keep the monster tame, you have to keep tasping it occasionally. Applied to yourself, it cures hallucinations by electroshock therapy. jonadab, Grasshopper
Add a corpse swinging skill, which increases your odds of hitting with a wielded corpse. Only Cavemen can get skill in it. aosdict
You can apply Fire Brand to an adjacent tame rothe to brand it with your cattle mark. aosdict
Pools of oil, black or brown } FIQ
Rather than spell schools, every spell must be trained individually, costing the same amount of skill points as normal. AmyBSOD
Rename the mundane two-handed sword to "claymore". Apply it to adjacent tiles to create a land mine. jonadab