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This section is an attempt to list YANIs that come up on several NetHack-related IRC channels, so they don't end up ignored and forgotten.

Attribution will be listed whenever possible. I make no claim to any of the ideas in this section. Feel free to add any other YANIs from IRC to this page, and to use or implement any of them as you see fit.

How these are retrieved: I log the #nethack, #nethack-dev, and #hardfought channels, and perhaps also some variant channels in the future. (If people are discussing YANIs on channels not listed here, let me know!) The logs are searched for strings like "yani", "yet another", and "feature request", with some surrounding context.

Things that are not added include:

  • Variant developers (and only variant developers) talking about planned changes to their own variant. Possible changes to their own variant that are variant-agnostic are still fair game.
  • Evil Patch Ideas.
  • Ideas which are fully realized already in some variant or have been in previous versions of vanilla NetHack.
  • YANIs by only me, which are here instead.

YANI list

Idea Variant(s) Source
Monks, or anyone skilled in martial arts, can kick weapons out of an enemy's hand Tarmunora, NeroOneTrueKing
Dragon scales can be enchanted into dragonhide gear that is not scale mail GruntHack Demo
The Watch start with a small amount of gold, and will throw it at a player of the opposite gender while the player is disrobing Demo, Grasshopper
Engraving with Fire Brand burns the engraving as a wand of fire does. Tarmunora
New headstone messages:
  • I'll just hit this thing a couple more times, it'll die.
  • I don't need to unburden myself, they're only soldiers, I've been killing soldiers, it'll be fine.
  • Maybe if I press this key a bit harder I'll hit for more damage next time.
Chris_ANG, jonadab, Grasshopper
Blank spellbooks in flooded libraries generate with the "number of times read" counter full, so they can't be polypiled into readable books. dNetHack NeroOneTrueKing
Add a high level monster spell "raise dead", which resurrects nearby corpses as hostile monsters. Grasshopper
When attacking into a pit or falling while fumbling and wielding a pointy weapon, you have a chance to fall on your weapon. bezaban
Boots of shock resistance, which have a thick rubber sole to prevent you from being grounded Grasshopper
Improved alchemy in general and an alchemist role Demo
Scroll of detect magic shows magic fountains on the level as well as magical items. Fountains discovered this way are then displayed as "magic fountain" when near or farlooked. GruntHack aosdict
New monster: green cube, which combines the abilities of a green slime and gelatinous cube: both sliming and paralysis. Grasshopper
Merge the P and b monster classes, on the grounds that puddings and blobs are both classes of amorphous monsters that are sparsely populated. This was followed by a long discussion with several people about monster class rearrangement in NetHack Fourk. jonadab, Grasshopper, bug_sniper, aosdict, Tarmunora, FIQ
Necromancer patch / necromancer class added to dNetHack, including: creating skeleton armies, binding the undead via rituals similar to the Binder, launching rocks that contain small petrified animals that transform into undead animals, bone chains, encrusting undead minions with different jewels to grant them different powers dNetHack introsp3ctive, Demo
Opening a cursed bag of holding does not tell you what has disappeared, or it just says "Things have disappeared from the bag!" without describing them AmyBSOD
Role whose quest artifact's base item is a helm of opposite alignment. (This is apparently in Slash'EM Extended, but so are probably half the things on this list and I'm not going to bother cross-checking everything.) jonadab
Conflict affects things in a radius. The ring of conflict is a chargeable item, affecting this radius. Wearing multiple rings of conflict stacks the effects. jonadab
Monster status "discord", which causes a monster to be seen as a target and be attacked by other enemies. On the player, discord is the same as wielding Stormbringer. Discord is available through the spellbook of discord. Fourk jonadab
Applying a stethoscope tells the target's gender, and the hunger status of pets. Grasshopper
Easter eggs as an actual item, in addition to monster and chicken eggs. Grasshopper
The Bell of Opening is carried by your quest leader, who gives it to you when you return to them with the quest artifact. This solves the problem of making a game unwinnable by permanently changing alignment, since you can also get it by killing the quest leader. jonadab, Grasshopper
Leprechauns steal anything made of gold, in addition to plain gold pieces. (In vanilla, the only gold item is the gold ring, but variants have other gold items.) FIQ
Add rumors to FIQHack warning about dragons, which can be fairly dangerous. FIQHack rumflump
More acid resistance sources in FIQHack, to balance yellow dragons' exploding acid breath. Possibly a ring of acid resistance. FIQHack ais523, FIQ
Asmodeus should wield an artifact called the Ruby Rod. dNetHack zombifier
Pets on the Astral Plane always go with you when you ascend, regardless of whether they're adjacent or leashed to you. AmyBSOD
Roditaur: new humanoid monster that has an oversized rat's head and four arms. Has a powerful bite attack and four weapon attacks. SLASH'EM Extended jonadab
Add "numeric prefix" as a hallucinatory monster. ChrisE
Gehennom should be half as long, 10-12 levels, and should be mostly or all unique levels that are randomly chosen from a larger set Duam
Oilskin cloaks should be MC3 instead of MC2. jmr
Dragon eggs can be used as special types of thrown missiles. Black dragon eggs specifically have a disintegration effect. Wooble
Level sounds on every level with a branch stairs. For spoiled players, the main benefit of this is to help locate the stairs to Vlad's Tower. aosdict, jonadab
Chicken eggs identify as such when you formally ID them, and all eggs of a known type stay identified for the rest of the game. Grasshopper, jonadab
Gauntlets and boots of reflection Tangles
Water walking boots protect inventory from water and protect against drowning attacks jonadab
The timeouts for intrinsic invisibility and see invisible from eating a stalker corpse should be very long. SporkHack jonadab
See invisible operates on a scale that determines what level of invisible monsters the player is allowed to see. (A low-level monster that drinks a potion of invisibility should be visible even with weak see invisible, an arch-lich casting disappear should require very strong see invisible.) NeroOneTrueKing
Asmodeus and Baalzebub demand gold proportional to their difficulty or monster level, not the player's wallet. Possibly, if the player does not pay, they remain on the downstairs and will not move until the player has paid, which allows the player to return with the requisite amount of gold. jonadab, zombifier, aosdict
Several small spellbook additions:
  • The thick spellbook weighs more than other kinds. The thin spellbook weighs less.
  • Reading a dusty spellbook has a chance of making you sneeze (if you are in a form with a nose), which wakes up monsters.
  • Reading a silvery spellbook as a silver-hater makes you "not able to handle" the book and drop it
aosdict, raisse
Instead of pushing pets out of the way as they do other monsters, the Riders can trample over pets, instakilling them. AmyBSOD
Net gnomes - wield tridents and have a sticky attack (the net), which causes subsequent attacks to hit automatically Grasshopper
Players can polymorph dungeon features by zapping a polymorph beam down at it, with some special cases:
  • Headstones can be created by polymorph and are more likely than other outcomes, but cannot be polymorphed into anything else. Trying to do so only polymorphs its epitaph.
  • Polymorphing an altar angers that altar's god and any attendant priest since you effectively destroyed their altar
  • Fountains either cannot polymorph into anything besides headstones or have a very limited chance of becoming something else; this is to prevent the player from being able to generate a bunch of thrones from fountains.
raisse, aosdict, jonadab, AmyBSOD
You can wear an empty bag over your head to blind yourself, but this sets charisma to 6. Grasshopper
When invisibility is about to time out, give the player a warning message "You thought you saw yourself for a moment" ("You seem to unfade for a moment" if you can see invisible, "You feel introspective for a moment" if hallucinating. raisse, aosdict
Monster damage armor spell ignores erosionproofing and damages the armor anyway, rather than removing the erosionproofing first. SporkHack AmyBSOD
Merge the ring of hunger and the ring of slow digestion into the same item; one is it with a positive enchantment and the other is with a negative enchantment jonadab
Untrapping a lavender trap gets you potions of lavender essential oil. Ants naturally dislike lavender oil, so ants will flee from a player that has been sprayed by a lavender trap or used a potion of lavender oil. Slash'EM Extended aosdict
Uranium wands glow in the dark. Grasshopper
Special room "ruined church" that contains ghosts, pieces of glass scattered around the floor, maybe an altar, maybe a spellbook, and blank paper/scrolls of junk mail scattered around the floor rdplatypus, aosdict
Bump the cloak of displacement up to MC 2. rdplatypus
Add a conduct for tracking whether the player has not used any of each class of objects. AmyBSOD
Tripe rations should not generate randomly very often, but they should appear in the inventories of monsters that like tripe, such as orcs. jonadab
Luck's effect on whether a projectile breaks is nerfed. Instead, the enchantment is the primary factor, and is not just simply "+2 or above". AmyBSOD
Polymorphing a highly enchanted object will vaporize it if it turns into something that normally can't be enchanted that high. AmyBSOD
Any gaze attack which is prevented by blindness (one which is visual in nature) is prevented by hallucination. FIQ, Chris_ANG, aosdict
Give monsters their own XP, because the system of "all kills are equal experience" is weird FIQ, greqrg
While wielding a polearm and attempting to move in a direction where there is a monster 2 spaces away, attack with the polearm instead of moving. Also attempt an attack for monsters 2 spaces away diagonally if polearms are Expert. To hit a monster a knight's move away, it still has to be applied. If preceded by the M key, don't try to attack. FIQ
Make the Ranger quest artifact a crossbow if you are a gnome. K2
Limit the amount of tamed monsters you can have at once. FIQHack FIQ
Rust monsters and disenchanters are quadrupeds, and should be q. (This would leave R empty though.) jonadab
Add some effect to Snickersnee so that it's not just a slightly better katana. Ideas include confusion resistance, stunning resistance, displacement. K2, jonadab, Mandevil
Give properties to other weapon materials besides silver that make them worth using.
  • Iron - good against fairy, elf, and fae creatures
  • Gold - associated with the sun, so good against undead. Blunt gold weapons get a d2 damage bonus due to the fact that they are heavier.
  • Platinum? Copper? Metal? Wood?
AmyBSOD, aosdict, Chris_ANG
Mithril body armor prevents bisection. jonadab
Buff late-game undead, because undead's significance in Gehennom tends to be pointless since they aren't scary by the time the adventurer gets there.
  • Zombies can resurrect in Gehennom akin to GruntHack zombies.
  • Spectres, which are like wraiths but much faster and with more attacks.
  • Vampire mages.
  • Skeletal dragons.
  • Minotaur zombies.
  • Z might need to be made ungenocideable.
jonadab, aosdict
Gnomes get a racial bonus using aklys and crossbow. Should probably be done by affiliating an item type with a certain race, adding this as a new object attribute, and only specifying it on racial items (elven armor, orcish weapons, the aklys and crossbow, etc.) jonadab, aosdict
A more fleshed-out idea of elves and iron:
  • Elves take extra damage when hit by iron. Not as much as silver, but still appreciable.
  • Elven players take a small amount of damage when wearing iron gear, but get no further penalty. (dnethack hurts their regeneration rate while wearing iron, which is another option).
  • Possibly some detrimental effect when wielding iron weapons as well, a to-hit or damage penalty, or negating bonuses from dexterity, strength, and skill, or something.
  • This is balanced by elven racial equipment being better (not improved; it's already better).
jonadab, aosdict
A skill system with more intermediate levels, such as Unskilled -> Basic -> Competent -> Skilled -> Advanced -> Expert -> Master -> Grand Master. jonadab
Most artifacts should have a negative to-hit bonus, so you have to train the weapon's skill with some weapon that isn't the artifact. jonadab
Monsters get bonus AC against attacks coming from allies (hostile versus hostile, or pet versus pet). Chris_ANG
Roles which are good with melee weapons (Bar, Val, Kni?, Cav?) should be able to see the enchantment of their weapon after using it for a while, or perhaps right when wielding it. Alternatively, seeing the enchantment of a weapon should be based on skill: basic will reveal enchantment on 1% of hits, skilled on 10%, expert as soon as you wield the weapon. Chris_ANG, FIQ
Have the game display your base to-hit bonus (presumably excluding circumstantial modifiers) at all times, perhaps for both ranged and melee to-hit. Chris_ANG
Allow the player to disable things that display on the status lines, like ability scores, gold, dungeon level, and experience level, none of which have to be monitored constantly like HP or Pw do. Chris_ANG
Bull rush command that lets a player shove a target monster back one or more squares. The relative size of the monster and player and the strength of the player are important factors. The character might move into the space of the displaced target. Chris_ANG
Split up the effects of magic resistance, as it is too extensive. It protects against magical force, death magic, teleportation, polymorph, etc.
  • Death resistance conferred by a helm, an amulet, maaaaaybe as an intrinsic gained through crowning
jonadab, FIQ
Maximum HP should have some ceiling that depends on your race/role combination, proportional to what you would get by leveling up to 30 as that race/role. Chris_ANG
A way to search for hidden passages behind a boulder you are pushing. loli
A role whose starting pet, if eaten, confers amazingly good benefits, so that the player has to make a hard choice of whether to deliberately kill and eat their pet, and suffer the penalties. Slash'EM Extended aosdict
Artifact arrow that auto-returns to your pack and cannot break. But there is only one of it, so it can't be multishot. bug_sniper
A way to transfer contents from one container to another without moving through your inventory. bug_sniper
A number of ways for weapon enchantment to be learned without formal identification.
  • Rubbing it on a blessed touchstone
  • Making a number of successful hits with it
  • SLASH'EM's weapon practice ability
  • Making a number of attempted hits with it (they don't have to hit)
Tarmunora, aosdict, jonathanhanes
Wind dragons, a cyan D whose breath is a wind beam: it doesn't damage you, but blows you backward, and can't be reflected. Their scales grant flight, which now confers resistance against knockback and Newton's Third Law. Tarmunora, aosdict, jonadab
Some roles get food appraisal as a permanent intrinsic. Caveman at level 6, Tourist at level 10, maybe Healers at level 1 but they already get poison resistance so maybe not. aosdict, raisse
In Orcish Town, have a powered-up hostile orc shaman who has taken over from the dead Minetown priest. K2
Dwarf kings have a chance to carry a silver dagger. raisse
Lightning attacks deal more damage to monsters in water. AmyBSOD
Cavemen get a berserking bonus if their pet gets killed. tesko
A side effect of a ring of three wishes: while wearing it, if you die, a wish gets used up and you get lifesaved. dnethack NeroOneTrueKing
You can #invoke a ring of hunger to make yourself more hungry immediately so you can eat dragon or giant corpses. bug_sniper
You can apply an amulet of strangulation to an adjacent monster (that has a head and neck) which will strangle it in 5 turns. bug_sniper
Magnet traps that attract metal items out of your inventory, but also attract loadstones and are a means of getting rid of them. bug_sniper
Applying heat to loadstones demagnetizes them and turns them into flint stones. bug_sniper
The effectiveness of the protection spell depends on how your off-hand is being used (open is better than carrying a shield, which is better than using it to wield a weapon). If your off-hand is free, the spell gives you a "spectral shield". NeroOneTrueKing
There is some expensive and complicated ritual the player can perform to remove the "graveyard" status from a level. Perhaps read the cursed Book of the Dead and raise the dead, then stand on 7 different headstones and read a blessed scroll of remove curse on each. The same headstones cannot be used twice for this purpose. aosdict, jonadab
Amulets can be flushed down toilets to identify them. Slash'EM bug_sniper
The game should allow you to reread a spellbook and relearn the spell whenever you want. The prompt should be "You know <spell> quite well already. Read the book anyway? (yn)" ChrisE, AmyBSOD
MSGTYPE:replace to replace a specified message with another one. stenno
A monster that stands helpless if you can see it with normal vision (not infravision, or telepathy, or detect monsters or anything else), and attacks viciously if you cannot. jonadab
Blessing a corpse prevents it from being tainted or (ordinarily) rotten (the "Blecch! Rotten food!" effect). ais523
Greed as an object property for containers: the container will refuse to open 80% of the time, costing a turn. Either any gold put into the container vanishes permanently or gold weighs nothing when in the container. FIQhack FIQ, jonadab
Archeologists should start with searching rather than having to get to XL 10 for it. To compensate, they now get stealth at XL 10 instead of 1. hothraxxa
Searching finds everything in your range, but takes multiple turns. The s command by default will take this many turns and will either tell you about all the hidden things around you or tell you that there is nothing interesting; you can specify a numeric prefix to search for less than that if you want. jonadab
Amulet of zombification. Increases your zombification counter while you are wearing it. Taking it off cures the zombification. FIQhack jonadab
You can jump over swimming monsters in water, and over tiny monsters. ais523, raisse
Your starting cat can have kittens. Wooble
The helm of opposite alignment may turn lawful or chaotic characters neutral, instead of always converting to lawful or chaotic. xyzyxx
Armor should make use of its corpsenm (monster index) for efficiency and to do interesting things that are not currently done. For example, this would allow dragon scales and scale mail to be merged into two items that use the various dragon monster indexes to figure out its special effects, and it would allow for fireproof low boots created from polypiling a crocodile corpse to be flavored differently. In variants where applying dragon properties to other pieces of armor is being considered or planned, this would provide an easy way to do so. ais523, FIQ
Possible nerfs to charm monster:
  • Only works if you're not wearing any armor. (This is apparently how D&D does it.)
  • Make it more reliable than it is now, but it always fails if you have other pets. (You can only have one pet at a time without using scrolls of taming.)
  • Only tames one monster at a time.
ais523, FIQ, Chris_ANG
Something to prevent utility spells at high failure rate (e.g. identify at 90% fail) from being a mere inconvenience to players. Ideas include:
  • Large penalties for failing to cast a spell, like a 1% memory loss and 50 hunger.
  • Failing to cast a spell locks it for a certain period of time. It would be hard to make this not turn into an even slower grind for utility spells, since the lockout period doesn't really matter.
  • Make spells never actualy failable, but Pw cost is increased proportional to the failure rate, specifically: real Pw = base Pw / success rate. Pw would need to be exposed in the spellcasting menu rather than failure rate, even though failure rate still needs to be calculated. Maybe use different colors in the spellcasting menu to denote spells you can cast now, spells you can cast by waiting to recover more Pw, spells you can't cast even at your current maximum Pw, and forgotten spells.
ais523, FIQ, aosdict, jonadab
Changes to identification, particularly price ID:
  • If price ID were removed, scrolls of identify should be known to all characters.
  • Price ID should be less regimented and predictable.
  • Reduce the potential consequences of use-testing items so it's not as terrible of an idea, such as giving a warning for reading way out of depth spellbooks.
  • Do outright remove price ID, because it's tedious and considered a bad feature by roguelike players who don't primarily play NetHack.
  • Change price ID so that each item is assigned to a "band" of possible prices. There are four price bands, and each item class has its base price randomized based on its band. The price bands show up on unidentified items, e.g. "an expensive scroll labeled KIRJE". Some items might fall into more than one price band.
  • Fuzz the prices of items so that it's not possible to definitively say what an item is, only that it's cheap or expensive.
    • One way to do this is to scatter the base price of each previously tiered item each game on an interval so that it overlaps with the intervals from other previous tiers, perhaps a random number from 1/2 the original price to 2x the original price.
    • Or, do away with tiers entirely and simply scatter the base costs permanently. A ring of free action might be 240 or 260 base, because it's on the higher end of usefulness in the former 200 tier. Some fuzzing would probably be needed here to keep things from being unambiguously identified.
ais523, jonadab, FIQ, aosdict
Make scrolls and spellbooks partially identifiable outside of a shop without having to formally identify them or guess based on frequency:
  • Higher level spellbooks could be heavier.
  • Make spellbook appearances more complex based on level. A simple color indicates a 1-2 level book, an unusual color or appearance indicates a 3-4 level book, a very odd or ridiculous appearance or material indicates a 5-6 level book, and a completely over-the-top appearance indicates a level 7+ book. (Example: "red", "steel", "bone", "jewel-encrusted"). Shuffling of the random appearances would need to be changed so that the books retain an appearance in their original bracket.
  • Make scroll label length (or, more complicated, its number of syllables) roughly correlate to its cost. The correlation could be fuzzed a bit, so MAPIRO MAHAMA DIROMAT is probably a 300 zorkmid scroll, but is certainly no less than 200, and NR 9 is probably something really cheap, but might be 100 zorkmid.
ais523, jonadab, FIQ, aosdict
Forges in which you can repair eroded weapons. bug_sniper
The preparation method of tins should be deterministic, so that tins that stack together will have the same method. jonadab
Remove the concept of advanced forms of spells, to address the problem of certain spells (fireball and cone of cold) having advanced versions which automatically kick in at Skilled or above and can't be cast using the lesser form even if the player wants to. Various ideas:
  • Some variants give you the choice of casting the basic or advanced form, but this suffers from an interface annoyance (an extra y/n prompt) and the fact that the advanced form is not actually any more difficult to cast.
  • Advanced forms are castable even at Basic skill, but have a higher failure rate.
  • The advanced form appears in the Z menu once you are Skilled.
  • The advanced forms are implemented as higher-level never-generated spellbooks, e.g. "fire storm" and "frost storm". Reading the basic spellbook automatically teaches you the advanced spell as well.
    • This allows you to balance them separately; in the case of fireball and cone of cold, the lesser spells could be dropped to level 3 or so and the advanced forms elevated to level 6.
  • The advanced forms are broken out into completely separate spellbooks that must be discovered and learned separately.
    • This makes the balance of spellbooks a concern, since it would add more books of a certain school.
aosdict, NeroOneTrueKing, FIQ, jonadab
Add shallow water to the Gnomish Mines (not GruntHack's deep water). Fourk FIQ
Move enchant armor/weapon scrolls to the 200-zorkmid tier. FIQ
Some version of key breaking, perhaps when trying to use a cursed key. However, this should not go the SLASH'EM route of allowing any unlocking device to break, since that just makes the player carry around extra keys. Skeleton keys should be made of bone and can break. Perhaps add a new key that is not breakable but is rarer than skeleton keys (stealing some of skeleton keys' probability). jonadab, FIQ
Stethoscopes and probing on a pet shows when that pet is satiated. GruntHack aosdict
Stealing from shops via your pet doesn't directly anger the shopkeeper, but the shopkeeper is aware of it and raises their prices to compensate and eventually won't let you reenter the shop. Alternatively, the shopkeeper simply will block the entrance as long as any monster in the shop is carrying unpaid items, but this could be circumvented with a magic whistle. FIQ, jonadab
Add a dogcatcher, who will come and impound your pet if it misbehaves (stealing from shops, killing Minetown citizens) and you don't get it leashed before a certain amount of time has passed. jonadab, aosdict
Grandmaster skill in martial arts allows you to shatter enemy weapons like two-handed weapons do. K2
Add a silvery potion, either as a random appearance or a dedicated potion like dNetHack's potion of silver starlight, which will silver ammunition dipped into it, perhaps temporarily. It might also silver other weapons (spears, daggers) or other items. Random appearances have the possible problems of the potion potentially having a defined dip effect already (polymorph, for example), and it potentially not appearing in the game if there are extra random appearances. Dipping fragile silver items, like silver arrows, into a potion of acid could create a silvery potion. ais523, aosdict, NeroOneTrueKing, FIQ
Add metalworking into the game in some manner. Mainly useful to create silver items, and particularly useful if object materials are used.
  • Silvering items (or gilding, or copper-coating) should require you to use up junk silver items equal to some amount of weight proportional to the weight of the new item.
  • The zorkmid cost of silvering (and probably the other types of metalworking) should be very high.
  • A forge room type (probably containing lava and maybe some junk items like iron chains) could be added which has one or more smiths in it (silversmiths, goldsmiths, blacksmiths).
    • Goldsmiths seem rather pointless right now, since there is only one gold item (the ring). They would be more useful if gold equipment existed and conferred some benefit.
    • Blacksmiths don't have much to do as far as turning items into iron goes, but they could produce iron weapons of a type the player wants, or repair and improve iron weapons and armor (increasing its enchantment).
aosdict, ais523, jonadab
Silver weapons should be rarer than they currently are outside Gehennom and fairly common inside it. ais523, jonadab
Make T-shirt messages not depend only on the object id, so that two shirts generated shortly after one another don't have predictable messages. AmyBSOD
80% of locks on containers, determined by the object id of those containers, can't be opened by a credit card because they're a latch or padlock or something that can't be jimmied open. Perhaps Tourists get a bonus that allows them to open more locks. aosdict, jonadab
NetHack4 impossible() should not imply that the save file is corrupted, and the distinction between impossible() and panic() should be less blurry. NetHack4 AmyBSOD, FIQ
Change the impossible() message (in NetHack 3.x and variants) so that it doesn't imply the user should quit the program (thus destroying their save file). FIQ
Moving in Sokoban by jumping and hurtling from an iron ball doesn't actually work to bypass boulders in 3.6, so it shouldn't incur a Luck penalty. AmyBSOD
You can wish for object properties in FIQhack, but only on items that aren't inherently magical. FIQhack aosdict
Throwing a cockatrice corpse into water turns it into a hard floor, or possibly ice, with the corpse buried in the new floor. bug_sniper, jonadab
Elaborations on a point buy system for starting stats or equipment. This idea originally came from ais523 and is intended to address startscumming by unrandomizing starting stats and inventory and letting the user spend points on stats and equipment how they like.
  • dtsund's class overhaul proposal also addresses unrandomization of starting inventory by simply removing all the random chances to get items, but doesn't involve point buy.
  • Point buy for stats, if done in-game at the start of the game, is likely to be a tedious interface.
    • It's important to allow people who want to start and splat games rapid-fire to do so, and it would be preferable if new players didn't have to learn the complexities of a new interface.
    • The rc file must allow the user to specify starting stats per-role in this case, or specify that they want random stats.
    • "Dump stats" like Cha, and Int and Wis for non-spellcasters, allow people to buff their important stats at the expense of unimportant stats, which may indicate some underlying balance issues with these stats or that the stats can have too wide of a starting range.
  • Even in a non-point-buy system, for starting inventory in cases like for Monk and Wizard where the player gets a random spellbook with equal weight among the possible choices, the player should be able to select which.
  • Point buy for starting inventory:
    • It should probably be options-only, since designing an interface to do so would be complicated.
    • Naturally, items like magic markers and rings of polymorph control cost lots of points, whereas things like apples and oil lamps cost only a few.
    • This would come at the expense of players who actually want different nonrandom starting inventories and don't want to have to edit their rc file every time.
    • If the player's options leave some or all of the available points free, the game will randomly buy items until there are no points left.
    • Unspent points should probably convert into a certain amount of gold.
    • Possibly the default items are expressed as a list which consumes most or all of the points and is sorted from highest priority to lowest, and ones the user specifies get added to the beginning of the list, which will push the low-priority items into the range of not being able to be purchased.
    • Certain items, like the knight's lance and probably most armor, should not be purchasable, and the character always gets them.
  • FIQ proposed a system in which you can specify one item, and the game will try to reroll your starting inventory many times until it gets that item. Since this is effectively built-in tool-assisted startscumming, it gets tracked as a conduct.
ais523, jonadab, aosdict, Tarmunora
Blessed potions of gain ability allow you to choose which stat to increase. Possibly, since this would ordinarily be a nerf, max that stat or give you a few points in it. jonadab
Fumble boots cause you to toss and turn in your sleep if you are sleeping, making you wake up sooner. bug_sniper
Conflict removes murder penalties since you acted in self-defense. bug_sniper
Carried loadstones prevent knockback, including Newton's Third Law effects. Possibly it prevents levitation entirely. jonadab, Tarmunora
Tourists should be able to swim. Alternatively, tourists should specifically NOT be able to swim, but other roles might. FIQ, aosdict
Mind flayers seek out your pets to eat their brains and turn them into thralls, which makes them effectively a pet of the mind flayer instead. aosdict
Whenever a player is killed by a mind flayer, they become a thrall in their bones file. In FIQhack, this means they leave an active hostile player monster in the bones with 100% chance instead of 33%. FIQhack aosdict
Barbed orcs, which are more deadly than regular orcs. Andrio
Many different thoughts centered around creating a bard role with distinct and useful gameplay:
  • The bard and healer cannot both be focused around petmongering, so one of them would have to change. Most likely the healer, as the bard's traditional abilities are only good on pets.
  • Instead of the standard little dog or kitten, the bard starts with a "party" of 3-4 player monsters, who are randomly chosen from other roles.
    • This would make the primary strategy focused on having the party do the fighting for you, letting them level up, providing them with weapons and equipment, and not letting them die.
    • Healers and archeologists, and possibly tourists, don't make very good additions to the party, and so should perhaps be ineligible.
    • Party roles could be randomly chosen from distinct sets of "strong melee fighter" (Bar or Cav or Kni or Val), "ranged combat" (Ran or Rog or Sam or possibly Tou), and "spellcaster/cleric" (possibly Hea or Mon or Pri or Wiz).
    • The party will not start with the full starting inventory of their respective roles. They will generally have the same weapons and armor, but will probably not have any of the scrolls, rings, wands they normally start with, and starting spellbooks should be either eliminated or unrandomized.
  • YASI: the bard quest artifact gives party members the effects of their own quest artifacts.
  • Healer strategy should shift away from petmongering - the easiest way to do this is change the protection formula in such a way that the protection racket doesn't exist; so that the player isn't incentivized to keep XL as low as possible until they can buy protection.
  • Difficult for Healers to find a new niche. (Avoidance of combat is an option, but the Class Overhaul proposal calls for Archeologists to fill that niche). Perhaps something that focuses on pacifying monsters by healing them, but this has issues: you shouldn't be able to tame by healing since that turns Healers back in the direction of acquiring lots of pets, and most monsters start at full HP and don't need any healing.
aosdict, FIQ, jonadab
Player monsters should always resist conflict. FIQ
If the metal spellcasting penalty were to be removed entirely for one armor slot, it should be the boots slot. aosdict
Many different thoughts centered around creating an alchemist role:
  • The main form of combat is to create phials of potion (where 1 potion splits into many phials), which can be tossed at enemies to cause potion effects on them. The main potions used are things like acid, paralysis, (lit) oil, and confusion.
  • The quest artifact is the Philosopher's Stone.
    • The quest leader is Nicolas Flamel and the nemesis is an Avatar of Death (like Death, but weaker).
    • The stone can turn metal objects into gold or can turn rocks into gold pieces when rubbed on them.
    • Its base item type could be a ruby (but perhaps not because dnethack makes the Heart of Ahriman a ruby) or a garnet, based on its color in Harry Potter, or an opal.
  • The invoke effect of the Philosopher's Stone is heavily debated:
    • It creates potions of the Elixir of Life. This potion cures disease and restores lost attributes, but most importantly it grants temporary intrinsic lifesaving. If you die with intrinsic lifesaving, you lose the remaining time for the intrinsic.
    • Creating potions is way too powerful since the player will be able to bank them, so nerf this: perhaps you can only get Elixir of Life by dipping the Stone into a potion of full healing, or something.
    • The Elixir should not be _more_ powerful than a potion of full healing, or the invoke effect of the Staff of Aesculapius - healers should be the best at actual healing. Probably, getting lifesaved from intrinsic lifesaving will only restore enough HP to stay alive a little longer.
    • The Elixir gives a large temporary boost to HP regeneration.
    • No Elixir of Life; it instead turns potions of sickness into (extra? full?) healing.
aosdict, Grasshopper, Tarmunora, jonadab, ais523
Sphere conjurer: a monster who creates hostile spheres. FIQ
Dragon with slowing breath. The effect stacks with previous effects of slowing breath. jonadab
Remove instances of "bad RNG" contributing to forms of instadeath or a disproportionate bad effect for a RNG decision made mostly or completely independently of the player's decisions, because they just add randomness or variance to the outcome of the game:
  • Poison instadeath
  • Chameleons turning into out-of-difficulty monsters the player can't handle
Add spell of summon pets, a level 2 or 3 matter spell that duplicates the effects of a magic whistle. The name needs work. aosdict, K2
Add cantrips, level 0 spells that cost d2 or d3 power to cast. In order not to let them be unbalancing, they don't train skill and are mostly useless, except in certain circumstances or for low-Pw spellcasters who can't do much of the bigger stuff yet. ais523 suggests that good candidates for cantrips might be things that have little combat use, and whose effects can be duplicated by backtracking, but would be useful to avoid the tedium of backtracking. Given their cheapness, they should probably not train skills, and may not even need spell schools. Most ideas for cantrips seem to be a little too powerful and would do better off as normal spells; however, those that are not too powerful are listed here.
  • Increase the odds of monsters dropping a corpse in the next few turns.
  • Create an empty unlocked chest. (This would need some restriction so you can't farm and sell them.)
  • Mark a map square with a symbol, perhaps a comma, that is no different from normal floor but shows up on #overview and the normal map view.
  • Deal some small damage, such as d5 or d6, to a nearby creature. (Acid Bubble from D&D is a nice corresponding cantrip.)
  • Dig out a single square.
K2, aosdict, jonadab, ais523
A "morale" stat which replaces charisma, and decreases when you die and get lifesaved, eat terrible food, and so on, but it needs effects other than making you lose the will to go on if it gets low enough. jonadab
Getting lifesaved has permanent detrimental effects. Perhaps it reduces the stat maximum for an attribute as well as the attribute's current value, like Wis or Con (Con is preferred, because it hits both carrying capacity and regeneration), and if the attribute it would reduce is 3 or below, life saving does not work at all. It could also possibly drain 1d3+1 levels. aosdict, jonadab, FIQ, K2
Getting lifesaved gives you experience points (because it's a near-death experience). jonadab
Bards as a monster, who spawn in a group of same-race monsters with a (sometimes but not usually) magical instrument, and they keep their distance and play songs to buff their allies. FIQ
The Watch should turn hostile when you apply a cursed tin whistle within earshot of them. FIQ
If you die with zero points, end-of-game enlightenment says "You were a noob." Slash'EM Extended aosdict
Disintegration blasts don't reflect from a wall; they dig it out instead. If the wall is undiggable, the ray merely stops - it never reflects. FIQ, jonadab
You can #loot trees to get less fruit than you might by kicking it, but the chance of getting bees is much reduced. This might fail, in which case you might fall out of the tree and abuse Dexterity or something similar. If polymorphed into a Y, it has a 100% chance of success; if a human or elf, probably 80%; if an orc, 40-50%; if a gnome or a dwarf, 1-5%. aosdict, jonadab
The list of monsters that ignore Elbereth should be increased, but the list of monsters that ignore scare monster should remain the same or decrease (3.6.0 Quest nemeses excepted). Perhaps scare monster should be renamed to "scare creature", as it scares humans and elves, which are not really monsters. FIQ, jonadab, bhaak
Gold generated from monster inventories should be tracked by the game and tail off after a while. jonadab
Reduce the amount of gold generated on the floor, and probably also that buried under the floor and in rock so it doesn't incentivize the player digging out a level. This is an attempt at gold rebalance. Elronnd
Quest artifacts, and probably all artifacts, blast other monsters when they enter their inventory, subject to the same checks and chances as the player (however, the artifact will never evade their grasp). This is most likely to be observed when the Quest nemesis or the Wizard of Yendor steals a Quest artifact from the player. jeremiahL
A colorless or colorblind conduct, settable with OPTIONS=colorblind or something similar at the start of the game, as a permanent affliction. When you are colorblind, it is as if the color option is forced off, and any items with colorful random appearances cannot be distinguished from one another (all gems are just "a gem", all colored potions (but not ones such as fizzy, bubbly, white, black) are just "a potion", ditto for colorful spellbooks) until formally IDed. Figuring out how calling object classes works might be tricky, because having it work as it currently does would mostly nullify the identification challenges of being colorblind. aosdict, jonadab
A new "illusion" monster spell, which makes the caster or an allied monster appear as another monster until something disrupts the illusion (you attack it, it attacks you, it takes damage from some other source). Monsters specifically cast it when you cannot see the target monster. The illusion favors nasty monsters, but low-level spellcasters may only be able to create illusions of somewhat higher level monsters. A potentially evil addendum is that high-level spellcasters may use the spell to make themselves or other powerful monsters appear to be weaker monsters. aosdict, jonadab
Rays should reflect erratically or not at all from non-wall rock terrain, Walls are smooth, but rock is rough. aosdict, FIQ, jonadab, ais523
Fire and cold should both work as a cone, and should spread out over distance and possibly hit multiple targets, but with damage decreasing over distance. jonadab, FIQ, hothraxxa
When trying to descend stairs while stunned, and possibly confused with some probability, you fall down the stairs. AmyBSOD
A Word of Recall spell, which after a sizeable delay (3d5 or 5d6 turns) levelports you to one of several possible locations: Minetown, dungeon level 1, the Oracle, the Castle, the Quest. You will not travel anywhere you have not already visited. Does not work if you have the Amulet. ais523, jonadab, FIQ
King monsters should spawn with an entourage of monsters; e.g. a gnome king should create several other gnomes around him upon generation, with preference given to gnome lords and possibly gnomish wizards. If monster pets are implemented, they should behave as the king's pets, and the king may generate with a magic whistle. FIQ
The ring of protection from shape changers should apply to the wearer as well as other monsters; if the wearer has lycanthropy, they will not transform; if the wearer is a different shapechanger like a vampire, they cannot transform. aosdict, FIQ
All characters should start with a minimum of 11 HP, so they don't get one-shot by a falling rock trap on turn 1. FIQ
Magic traps should not blind you and summon monsters at the same time, at least not until a depth where the player could be expected to survive it. Alternatively, create the summoned monsters with a -N difficulty modifier. ais523, jonadab, FIQ, aosdict
Statue traps generate monsters with a +N difficulty modifier (+5 was proposed, but may be too high.) FIQ
More monsters should be locked to the grid and can only move orthogonally, like grid bugs. ais523, jonadab
Intelligent monsters calculate whether it is more advantageous in terms of damaging the enemy versus taking damage themselves to pursue a target in melee, keep a safe distance and attack from range, or flee. Complex solutions would involve the monster storing lots of data about which attacks it has seen its opponents perform; however, this might get memory-intensive and expand save files quite a bit. A possible algorithm that relies only on game state and is based on FIQhack's dragon AI algorithm is as follows:
If able to attack at range (spit/breathe/shoot missiles/use items/etc):
  If the target is in range but not adjacent:
    Attack at range.
  Else if the target is adjacent, and is at least as fast as the monster:
    Attack in melee, or use ranged attacks point blank.
    Try to move somewhere aligned with the target, as far away as possible while still being in range.
 Else if the monster is unable to attack at range but will be able to soon (dragon):
   Stay out of line with the target.
   Close to melee range.
jonadab, FIQ, aosdict
Have a record in the xlogfile of whether the game was likely a startscum, for analysis purposes. It's easier for the game to track things like fountain quaffing and using obvious dangerous items. How exactly this would happen is not determined; the game probably shouldn't try to make a decision itself, there will be some false negatives and positives, but storing fields for everything like "number of times quaffed from a fountain" is probably bad too. ais523
Nonwishable unique items or artifacts that would be "nice finds" in the dungeon. FIQ
Race and polyform should not be distinct; they should be merged into a single permonst or corpsenm-like variable. Role is independent of race, and perhaps every monster should be described with a monster/role pair, with the role being null for most monsters (i.e. gnomish wizards are just gnomes that are also wizards). This might eliminate the entire concept of player race, internally, but transferring some of the racial effects on players (e.g. elves' sleep resistance at XL 4) might be tricky. ais523, FIQ
Change zombies' and possibly mummies' claw attack to a bite attack. jonadab, aosdict
Split curse resistance off from magic resistance. Curse resistance is granted only as an extrinsic by a couple of artifacts, including Magicbane, and maybe some mundane item that isn't any good otherwise (a mummy wrapping?), and behaves like Magicbane's curse resistance does currently ("You feel a black aura surround the <item>.") Half spell damage without curse resistance no longer helps limit the number of cursed items, and a curse may still manage to bypass resistance, with current probabilities. jonadab, aosdict, NeroOneTrueKing
Give the game separate concepts of resistance and immunity. There are many ideas surrounding this.
  • Most agree that immunity, from extrinsic sources or from race or polyform, should protect the player completely from all damage.
  • Possibly extrinsic immunity isn't as good as inherent immunity.
  • Resistance halves HP damage and cuts attribute loss down to 1 point.
  • Role benefits should probably only be resistance and not immunity.
FIQ, aosdict, ais523, jonadab, NeroOneTrueKing
Make Quest nemeses death-magic resistant. ChrisE
You can cook corpses. This lets them go longer without spoiling, or unspoils them. Agafnd, ais523
Instead of books having spestudied charges which leads to a lot of issues with polypiling, you read them once and they disappear, but you get 3 times the spell memory.
  • This is intended to remove spellbook micromanagement.
  • Spellbooks would need to be considerably more common than they are in vanilla. In FIQhack, where this was originally discussed, spellcasters generate with books, and the level of dropped spellbooks scales well as the game progresses since more dangerous monsters carry higher-level books.
  • This addresses polypiling by allowing the player to polypile the book as much as they want, but they can only read it once.
  • Slight nerf for people who finish their games in under 60,000 turns, since they can't use a spell for free confusion.
  • Also a problem for people who play very long games, because they will need to find or write replacement spellbooks; however, this was sort of already the case.
  • May make polypiling unknown spellbooks too popular, since an unknown spellbook is likely not to be the one you want, or you have price-IDed it and know it's something you will never use, and you can now poly without consequence. Perhaps address this by giving polymorphed spellbooks an elevated chance to become blank, and blank spellbooks do not poly into anything else.
FIQ, jonadab, ais523, stenno, aosdict
Alchemy only lets you alchemize a single potion at a time, but the potion you dip into also converts and is not used up. FIQ
Implement "spoiler novels", cheap books like 3.6 novels that contain spoilers. (Not described in what form the spoilers would be. Several true rumors?) FIQ

YASI list

Some ideas are not intended to be taken seriously. But they might still find some use if listed here.

Silly Idea Variant Source
New "farmer" role: starts with seeds and a spade, has other tools available like sickles and scythes. jonadab
Opening a cursed bag of holding does not destroy the items, but it redistributes them around the level, or perhaps the entire dungeon. Grasshopper, AmyBSOD
Dropping a ring of polymorph control down a sink, then a ring of polymorph, turns the sink into a regularly erupting geyser. FIQ
The Mazes of Menace are located on the moon Titan, to mess with day/night and moon phases. rumflump
Donkeys that carry around the player's loot. If you kick a pet donkey, you get the YAFM "You kick your own ass!" jonathanhanes, Grasshopper
Playable race that doesn't have teeth and can't eat anything unless polymorphed into something that can. aosdict
New scroll label CONULATION (apparently it is CONGRATULATIONS minus GRATS?) aosdict
Potion of un-dilution. Does nothing when quaffed or thrown. Only effect is that when you dip a diluted stack of potions into it, they become undiluted. aosdict
Trap which pushes the player one level higher, like a potion of gain level. aosdict
Oilskin sack of cancellation, which cancels items that you put into it. AmyBSOD
Priest players, if they are at XL 30 (with the "High Priest(ess)" rank title), can kill their own high priest and take over, becoming the new high priest. aosdict
If you genocide @, you only die if you have showrace turned off so your symbol is a @. If you have showrace turned on, you live, but if you ever turn it off again that game, you die. Wooble
Lego trap. If you're not wearing metal boots, you take damage when you step on it. FIQ
Chicken soup that cures constitution loss when consumed. When thrown at a shade, wraith or ghost, it is instakilled (chicken soup is good for the soul). bug_sniper, aosdict
Dipping a thirsty weapon into water makes it satisfied. Hitting things with a satisfied weapon removes their hunger. bug_sniper, jonadab
Burying a troll corpse results in a troll zombie, which is twice as likely to reanimate. Sticking a troll corpse in an ice box results in an ice troll emerging from the box. Dumping a troll in lava results in a lava troll. Dumping a troll corpse in water results in a water troll. Locking a troll corpse in a box results in a freedom fighter troll, who goes around liberating all the other trolls from their boxes. Tangles, jonadab, aosdict
Tasp: charged ranged tool that works on monsters that have a mind and are not immaterial. It paralyzes for one turn, dealing no damage, and has a small chance of taming. To keep the monster tame, you have to keep tasping it occasionally. Applied to yourself, it cures hallucinations by electroshock therapy. jonadab, Grasshopper
Add a corpse swinging skill, which increases your odds of hitting with a wielded corpse. Only Cavemen can get skill in it. aosdict
You can apply Fire Brand to an adjacent tame rothe to brand it with your cattle mark. aosdict
Pools of oil, black or brown } FIQ
Rather than spell schools, every spell must be trained individually, costing the same amount of skill points as normal. AmyBSOD
Rename the mundane two-handed sword to "claymore". Apply it to adjacent tiles to create a land mine. jonadab
Hobbit nuns, and nuns as a playable role that can use a #sing command. jonadab
Roaming shopkeepers, that will attack and kill you even before you break any doors. bug_sniper
You can #jump onto tiny monsters, which makes a Dex check. If successful the monster is squashed. AmyBSOD
Deli shopkeepers sometimes have a tinning kit in inventory. If a monster dies in their shop, they will instantly tin its corpse and drop the tin in their shop for sale. jonadab
You can eat leather while starving. ChaseSP
Eating a bag of holding lets you store items in your stomach. aosdict
Eating a magic lamp gives you intrinsic light. Wooble
Potion of solipsism: gives every other monster on the level temporary phasing because you're not sure whether they're figments of your imagination or not. aosdict
Artifact Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses, which when equipped cause blindness and warning when a monster is in line of sight. jonadab
Librarian monster whose attack breaks illiterate conduct. jonathanhanes
The Candelabrum of Invocation, if it contains 7 candles of invocation, can be used to do the invocation without the other invocation items / from anywhere in the dungeon dnethack Chris, AmyBSOD
Pets you get from other players' bones files that were the pets of the dead adventurer are harder to make do what you want, like in Pokemon. aosdict
Wand of alignment conversion, which will convert the alignment of both altars and priests tending those altars, so the priest may not get angry. Also a potion of change alignment. bug_sniper
Hill orcs can grow up into hell orcs, which are much stronger and normally spawn only in Gehennom. aosdict
Winter wolves can grow up into spring wolves, which can coil their body and launch themselves several spaces in one linear move to attack, damaging you from the impact and landing next to you. jonadab
Pinball monster: Has a fast speed, rolls around and bounces into walls, and occasionally teleports. Uses the S_BOULDER symbol. If you kick it, it changes direction. FIQ, aosdict, jonadab
Add charm monster to the list of maintainable spells. If you maintain charm monster, you automatically cast it any time you're next to a hostile monster. FIQhack jonadab
Add a spellbook of wish, but it is not randomly generated, unwishable, costs over 100 ink minimum to write, and is level 27 so nobody can cast it. aosdict, jonadab
Amulet of undead turning. If you die while wearing it, you rise from the grave as a zombie. If an undead monster dies while wearing it, it has the same effect as an amulet of life saving. Related: a cursed amulet of life saving will save you if and only if you are undead. Also related: an amulet of death saving, which has the same randomized appearance as life saving, which saves undead and instakills any living creature that wears it. aosdict, raisse
Fire gloves and ice gloves that send a bolt of fire or cold in the direction you hit. Wooble
If your terminal is big enough, whenever the game makes a die roll, you must watch an ASCII-art animation of the die roll. jonadab
Spinach monster, whose corpse when tinned becomes a tin of spinach. aosdict
Pun mode, an option that only allows messages containing puns to be printed. jonadab
Potions of wonder can give the "Yendor" property to any amulet upon dipping, which gives it the properties of the Amulet of Yendor. FIQhack aosdict
Some locked doors may open easily from one side (because they have a deadbolt or other easy latch). Secret doors or formerly secret doors have no method of opening on one side and must be kicked down. aosdict
Instead of doing nothing, a blessed scroll of punishment punishes you, but with a longer chain. jonadab
Ring of illness: a ring that causes the fatal illness timer to start, and autocurses when worn, but will reliably cure illness when removed. jonadab
If you're polymorphed into a water moccasin, you can crawl into a fountain to travel to any fountain in the game. FIQ
#shout works to send mail to someone in another game on the same server. Uses engraving erosion code because it's from far away. bug_sniper, Tangles
#yodel and #karaoke commands to make nearby peaceful and tame monsters hostile. jonadab, K2
Cans of grease appear as "a tin" while unidentified. aosdict
Herrings that can be used as axes, because of Monty Python. bug_sniper
The Plane of Tedium, which is 8000x2400 with the viewport scrolling with the character to keep them on the screen. jonadab
Spambots that attack by throwing tins of rotten spam at you. bug_sniper
Remembrall, a tool made of glass (it could even be a "glass orb" when unidentified) that cures amnesia. aosdict
Separate spells that convert every type of material into every other type of material (metal to flesh, stone to metal, cloth to paper, stone to cloth, etc). bug_sniper, aosdict
Monsters' resistance to Elbereth is dependent on how many games you have played. FIQ
If you are hallucinating/confused and use a magic whistle, any pets may get hit with a magic missile instead. Menche
1/50 player-character monsters will only move orthogonally, because their laptop doesn't have a numpad and they are stubbornly using the arrow keys. jonadab
Killing a wood golem with fire or burning more than a certain weight of objects on a square creates fire terrain on that space. The fire eventually burns out and reverts to normal floor, the duration determined by the total weight of the burning objects. Standing next to or on fire terrain grants cold resistance, but standing on top of fire terrain has the same effect as a fire trap whenever you end your turn on it. Throwing burnables onto a fire trap may make them spontaneously combust. aosdict, AmyBSOD
Remove Quest nemeses' petrification resistance, because making it feasible to play around with a c corpse means the player might YASD with it. Wooble
Rename the Dark One to the Dim One. ChrisE
Starting to levitate/fly should give the message "You ascend." Wooble
Tame kittens will randomly stop to lick themselves or fall asleep. Wooble
Occasionally generate 2x2 squares in rock with a few gold pieces embedded in each, to trick people into digging for it. aosdict
At most one treasure zoo in the game is actually called "David's treasure zoo", and it contains a player monster named David. aosdict
Dehydrated conduct, which is broken if you drink potions, quaff fountains or sinks, or go in water. stenno