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This page is an attempt to list YASIs that come up on several NetHack-related IRC channels. I have made this list separate from my other list.

Attribution will be listed wherever possible, and feel free to add any more that aren't here. While YASIs are not intended to be taken seriously, they might still find some use if listed here.

Silly Idea Variant Source
New "farmer" role: starts with seeds and a spade, has other tools available like sickles and scythes. jonadab
Opening a cursed bag of holding does not destroy the items, but it redistributes them around the level, or perhaps the entire dungeon. Grasshopper, AmyBSOD
Dropping a ring of polymorph control down a sink, then a ring of polymorph, turns the sink into a regularly erupting geyser. FIQ
The Mazes of Menace are located on the moon Titan, to mess with day/night and moon phases. rumflump
Donkeys that carry around the player's loot. If you kick a pet donkey, you get the YAFM "You kick your own ass!" jonathanhanes, Grasshopper
Playable race that doesn't have teeth and can't eat anything unless polymorphed into something that can. aosdict
New scroll label CONULATION (apparently it is CONGRATULATIONS minus GRATS?) aosdict
Potion of un-dilution. Does nothing when quaffed or thrown. Only effect is that when you dip a diluted stack of potions into it, they become undiluted. aosdict
Trap which pushes the player one level higher, like a potion of gain level. aosdict
Oilskin sack of cancellation, which cancels items that you put into it. AmyBSOD
Priest players, if they are at XL 30 (with the "High Priest(ess)" rank title), can kill their own high priest and take over, becoming the new high priest. aosdict
If you genocide @, you only die if you have showrace turned off so your symbol is a @. If you have showrace turned on, you live, but if you ever turn it off again that game, you die. Wooble
Lego trap. If you're not wearing metal boots, you take damage when you step on it. FIQ
Chicken soup that cures constitution loss when consumed. When thrown at a shade, wraith or ghost, it is instakilled (chicken soup is good for the soul). bug_sniper, aosdict
Dipping a thirsty weapon into water or a potion of blood makes it satisfied. Hitting things with a satisfied weapon removes their hunger. bug_sniper, jonadab
Burying a troll corpse results in a troll zombie, which is twice as likely to reanimate. Sticking a troll corpse in an ice box results in an ice troll emerging from the box. Dumping a troll in lava results in a lava troll. Dumping a troll corpse in water results in a water troll. Locking a troll corpse in a box results in a freedom fighter troll, who goes around liberating all the other trolls from their boxes. Tangles, jonadab, aosdict
Tasp: charged ranged tool that works on monsters that have a mind and are not immaterial. It paralyzes for one turn, dealing no damage, and has a small chance of taming. To keep the monster tame, you have to keep tasping it occasionally. Applied to yourself, it cures hallucinations by electroshock therapy. jonadab, Grasshopper
Add a corpse swinging skill, which increases your odds of hitting with a wielded corpse. Only Cavemen can get skill in it. aosdict
You can apply Fire Brand to an adjacent tame rothe to brand it with your cattle mark. aosdict
Pools of oil, black or brown } FIQ
Rather than spell schools, every spell must be trained individually, costing the same amount of skill points as normal. AmyBSOD
Rename the mundane two-handed sword to "claymore". Apply it to adjacent tiles to create a land mine. jonadab
Hobbit nuns, and nuns as a playable role that can use a #sing command. jonadab
Roaming shopkeepers, that will attack and kill you even before you break any doors. bug_sniper
You can #jump onto tiny monsters, which makes a Dex check. If successful the monster is squashed. AmyBSOD
Deli shopkeepers sometimes have a tinning kit in inventory. If a monster dies in their shop, they will instantly tin its corpse and drop the tin in their shop for sale. jonadab
You can eat leather while starving. ChaseSP
Eating a bag of holding lets you store items in your stomach. aosdict
Eating a magic lamp gives you intrinsic light. Wooble
Potion of solipsism: gives every other monster on the level temporary phasing because you're not sure whether they're figments of your imagination or not. aosdict
Artifact Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses, which when equipped cause blindness and warning when a monster is in line of sight. jonadab
Librarian monster whose attack breaks illiterate conduct. jonathanhanes
The Candelabrum of Invocation, if it contains 7 candles of invocation, can be used to do the invocation without the other invocation items / from anywhere in the dungeon dnethack Chris, AmyBSOD
Pets you get from other players' bones files that were the pets of the dead adventurer are harder to make do what you want, like in Pokemon. aosdict
Wand of alignment conversion, which will convert the alignment of both altars and priests tending those altars, so the priest may not get angry. Also a potion of change alignment. bug_sniper
Hill orcs can grow up into hell orcs, which are much stronger and normally spawn only in Gehennom. aosdict
Winter wolves can grow up into spring wolves, which can coil their body and launch themselves several spaces in one linear move to attack, damaging you from the impact and landing next to you. jonadab
Pinball monster: Has a fast speed, rolls around and bounces into walls, and occasionally teleports. Uses the S_BOULDER symbol. If you kick it, it changes direction. FIQ, aosdict, jonadab
Add charm monster to the list of maintainable spells. If you maintain charm monster, you automatically cast it any time you're next to a hostile monster. FIQhack jonadab
Add a spellbook of wish, but it is not randomly generated, unwishable, costs over 100 ink minimum to write, and is level 27 so nobody can cast it. aosdict, jonadab
Amulet of undead turning. If you die while wearing it, you rise from the grave as a zombie. If an undead monster dies while wearing it, it has the same effect as an amulet of life saving. Related: a cursed amulet of life saving will save you if and only if you are undead. Also related: an amulet of death saving, which has the same randomized appearance as life saving, which saves undead and instakills any living creature that wears it. aosdict, raisse
Fire gloves and ice gloves that send a bolt of fire or cold in the direction you hit. Wooble
If your terminal is big enough, whenever the game makes a die roll, you must watch an ASCII-art animation of the die roll. jonadab
Spinach monster, whose corpse when tinned becomes a tin of spinach. aosdict
Pun mode, an option that only allows messages containing puns to be printed. jonadab
Potions of wonder can give the "Yendor" property to any amulet upon dipping, which gives it the properties of the Amulet of Yendor. FIQhack aosdict
Some locked doors may open easily from one side (because they have a deadbolt or other easy latch). Secret doors or formerly secret doors have no method of opening on one side and must be kicked down. aosdict
Instead of doing nothing, a blessed scroll of punishment punishes you, but with a longer chain. jonadab
Ring of illness: a ring that causes the fatal illness timer to start, and autocurses when worn, but will reliably cure illness when removed. jonadab
If you're polymorphed into a water moccasin, you can crawl into a fountain to travel to any fountain in the game. FIQ
#shout works to send mail to someone in another game on the same server. Uses engraving erosion code because it's from far away. bug_sniper, Tangles
#yodel and #karaoke commands to make nearby peaceful and tame monsters hostile. jonadab, K2
Cans of grease appear as "a tin" while unidentified. aosdict
Herrings that can be used as axes, because of Monty Python. bug_sniper
The Plane of Tedium, which is 8000x2400 with the viewport scrolling with the character to keep them on the screen. jonadab
Spambots that attack by throwing tins of rotten spam at you. bug_sniper
Remembrall, a tool made of glass (it could even be a "glass orb" when unidentified) that cures amnesia. aosdict
Separate spells that convert every type of material into every other type of material (metal to flesh, stone to metal, cloth to paper, stone to cloth, etc). bug_sniper, aosdict
Monsters' resistance to Elbereth is dependent on how many games you have played. FIQ
If you are hallucinating/confused and use a magic whistle, any pets may get hit with a magic missile instead. Menche
1/50 player-character monsters will only move orthogonally, because their laptop doesn't have a numpad and they are stubbornly using the arrow keys. jonadab
Remove Quest nemeses' petrification resistance, because making it feasible to play around with a c corpse means the player might YASD with it. Wooble
Rename the Dark One to the Dim One. ChrisE
Starting to levitate/fly should give the message "You ascend." Wooble
Tame kittens will randomly stop to lick themselves or fall asleep. Wooble
Occasionally generate 2x2 squares in rock with a few gold pieces embedded in each, to trick people into digging for it. aosdict
At most one treasure zoo in the game is actually called "David's treasure zoo", and it contains a player monster named David. aosdict
Dehydrated conduct, which is broken if you drink potions, quaff fountains or sinks, or go in water. stenno
While invisible, you are always blind. This is because photons are passing straight through your eyes and the rest of your head without actually hitting your retinas. aosdict
Masonry that smooths out the surfaces of luckstones, so they stack. bug_sniper
If you are playing the Noble role, you cannot squeeze past boulders at all, because you are "portly". dNetHack aosdict
Horseflies, ridable flying monsters that are Tiny size. bug_sniper
Make a Strength check for bugling the notes A, B, D or F, since such notes are theoretically possible to play on a bugle but require you to blow almost impossibly hard. aosdict
At most one treasure zoo in the game is actually designated and introduced to the player as "David's treasure zoo". This zoo contains a player monster named David. aosdict
Legal blindness, a birth option that is not quite as blind as permablind. You can see only one square around you for the whole game regardless of lighting. aosdict
Allow the options parser to parse the typo POTIONS= the same as OPTIONS=. aosdict
Zombies pregenerate with a given number of eyes and ears, like you would see in Dwarf Fortress. Slashing attacks have a chance to remove their ears and piercing attacks have a chance to remove their eyes. With no ears or eyes left, they become deaf or blind respectively. aosdict
Digless conduct, broken when you dig. Tangles
New artifact Houchou Jr. It is a spork that instakills anything it's thrown at, but only in forks of NetHack. aosdict
Possessing a utensil should prevent your hands from getting glibbed from eating a greasy tin bug_sniper
A negative "anticoagulation" intrinsic, which prevents your wounds from healing up, so bleeding effects continue draining HP, and probably eventually kill you. AmyBSOD, jonadab
If you die and one of your pets comes across your corpse with a wand of undead turning before you rot away, it can zap your corpse with the wand and bring you back to life; your game does not end. FIQhack aosdict
Dipping potions into fountains may produce diluted potions of sickness. FIQ
If playing a vampire who hates blessed stuff, Wizard of Yendor harassment may bless your items instead of cursing them. dNetHack ais523
Classify ice boxes as magical tools, since they manage to stay cold permanently without any supply of ice. aosdict
A branch where gravity is reversed, so you walk on the ceiling and trapdoors make you fall through to higher levels. AmyBSOD
Potions can be generated diluted, remain diluted when polypiled, and cannot be used in alchemy at all. AmyBSOD
If you throw an unlit potion of oil and a fire elemental is in its path, it passes through and lights the potion of oil. jonadab
Water elementals should count as unsolid, because clearly they are liquid. aosdict
The 119th monster of its type that gets killed drops an artifact that instakills any monster of that type, except there can only ever be one more of it generated. rikersan
A weapon that conveys the "freezing" property, which makes you shiver and eventually freeze to death if you don't drop it. bug_sniper
If you are watching a game in which someone stone to fleshes a statue of you, you control whether you become peaceful, tame, or hostile. bug_sniper
If you steal a mummy's wrapping, it becomes invisible. jonadab
Reading spellbooks while hallucinating lets you learn hallucinatory spells, which can only be cast while hallucinating and have funny messages but no gameplay effect. jonadab
Food left in an ice box for long enough will become freezer burned. aosdict
Bucket, a tool inspired by Minecraft. When applied to an adjacent water or lava square, it scoops up all the fluid, turning it to a normal floor tile, and can be applied somewhere else to dump it. Carrying a lava bucket in inventory does not harm the player. aosdict
Magic markers that write in invisible ink. A scroll written with invisible ink appears to be blank unless you can see invisible, in which case you can read it. aosdict
Pokedex-like feature that can give you limited information about enemies you have seen, but can only give you full information when you "capture" it by tinning its corpse. aosdict
Altars to Elbereth. They are colored green, and sacrificing to Elbereth angers your own deity but makes engraving Elbereth more effective. jonadab
Aluminum foil, a tool that can be applied to corpses to keep them safe to eat until they rot away, at the expense of using up the foil. jonadab
Replace the string "for" with "four" everywhere it appears in Nethack Fourk. Fourtune cookies, spell of fource bolt, #fource, etc. Fourk aosdict
All three gods mess around with you in the endgame by smiting you, protecting you, sending minions after you, smiting the minions, etc. For bonus stupid, they only do this if you are an atheist. FIQ, rikersan
Shopkeeper role where the whole adventure is flavored as collecting a lot of loot, including the Amulet of Yendor, to stock your shop. The quest leader is One-Eyed Sam, the quest nemesis is the Master of Thieves. Again. aosdict
Nigerian Prince monster. Asks for a lot of gold, and promises to return with much more than what you pay him. Totally. Guaranteed. rikersan
Valkyries always start with snow boots, which might be levitation, fumble, speed, kicking, or anything else they can randomly be. FIQ
When a werewolf is killed in wolf form, it can revert to a vampire, since vampires can also turn into wolves, and vice versa. jonadab
For variants that include bards, add grand pianos as a \. You can use it to produce more powerful music or music with a larger range. aosdict
NetHack Caption Contests - a random jumble of characters is posted, and people have to come up with a story for it. aosdict
Eating footrice in a polyform that is immune to stoning can give you intrinsic petrification resistance. This turns instapetrifications into slow petrifications, and makes slow petrifications take longer. FIQ
A game mode where you play as the High Priest of Moloch, and the game sends a swarm of ever-more-powerful adventurers to come kill you. jonadab
Lord Surtur should wield Fire Brand if it is not already generated, because his mythology has him wielding a flaming sword. aosdict
Wand of teleoperation - it allows you to read/zap/apply items in the path of the beam oh6
Rapiers and scimitars get a damage bonus from Charisma if your character can make puns during the attack. jonadab
Most weapons should have a fairly common monster (perhaps a Gehennom monster) that is resistant to them. ais523
The "heavy" modifier (used normally for iron balls) works on all wishes. ais523
In line with the "Barbarians hate magic" flavor, they can always get Magicbane as a sacrifice gift. aosdict
In variants with #shout commands, shouting wakes up all monsters in a radius dependent on XL. aosdict
The Rogue quest artifact is now the "Robbin' HUD", which gives you all sorts of neat status displays for how you can steal from monsters. aosdict
Lizards and other : class monsters can also drop scales, but the scales aren't useful. jonadab
You can apply a potion of water to an adjacent maple tree to turn it into a potion of maple sap. When heated, it will turn into a potion of maple syrup (drink for good nutrition) instead of boiling and exploding. aosdict
With X-ray vision / astral vision, the only monsters you can see through walls are skeletons. aosdict
A spellbook of aspersions that lets you cast aspersions on other monsters. ChrisE
Legend of Zelda Dungeon Map. Lets you see all levels' walls and corridor outlines. aosdict
Birthday candles, an extremely rare tool that if you light it and then snuff it, it grants a wish and then disappears. Unidentified description is "a candle". aosdict
Add "eye of misspelling" and "staff of misspelling" as valid wishes for the Eye of the Aethiopica and the Staff of Aesculapius. aosdict
Woodchuck race, which is basically playing the game permanently polymorphed into a woodchuck, with no benefits on top of those conferred by the polyform. aosdict
Add 50 more types of polearms, with similar but not identical stats. jonadab
Triggering a bear trap removes all your armor and jewelry and spawns a bear to attack you. jonadab
"Gender studies professor" role: gets politically correct pronouns for every monster, item, trap, staircase, etc in the game. AmyBSOD
Whenever a purple worm goes "Burrrrp!" and there is a lawful speaking monster within some range, the lawful monster says "Say excuse me!" Grasshopper
On Halloween, generate only candy bars whenever food would be generated. Webmant
In December, boulders become ice boulders which can be melted, and rocks become snowballs that you can throw at enemies to deal cold damage. amateur_hour
If the player sets !bones, skeletons do not generate in the game. ChrisE
Boots of rocket jumping. aosdict
Flying iron bars on the Plane of Air that can crash into you. bug_sniper
Gnomish characters get intrinsic phasing at level 30. aosdict
You can invoke the Amulet to grant wishes, but this forces you to continue doing so every 50 turns, with an increasing chance of killing you outright every time you do so. FIQ
You can give the Amulet to your pet so it can ascend instead of you, giving you a suboptimal but still good ending. bug_sniper
Rubbing iron items on a loadstone either breaks the item or magnetizes it, making it impossible to use or drop. jonadab, ais523
Scroll of destroy amour, cancels all foocubi on the current level. aosdict
Reading scrolls while hallucinating has some random scroll-like effect. Chris
Hallucination tiles, which get swapped in for the regular ones when you hallucinate. jonadab
Scrolls of fire don't work on the Planes, except for the Plane of Fire. FIQ
Magic chests contain one of each type of gray stone at the beginning of the game, so you can skip Mines' End if you're prepared to maybe get a loadstone. jonadab
Cavemen have no concept of numbers, and no numbers will be shown to them at all. Wooble
All races now have their own language, which you have to be able to read to play the game effectively: Gaelic for Knights, Japanese for samurai, English for tourists, Nordic runes for valkyrie. All input including wishes must be specified in this language too. Wooble
Trollsbane instakills trolls by turning them into tins of troll meat. aosdict
Smelling monsters is implemented outside of wizard mode, but it has no effect except to abuse wisdom. Cborne
If you zap an acidic monster with a corrodable wand of striking, "The wand hits the foo!" and corrodes. ChrisE
Health food stores sell hippie stuff like crystals (pieces of worthless glass and low-value gems like amethysts) and hallucinogens (tins of violet fungus and yellow mold), potions of hallucination. aosdict
Sokoban is embedded in the Dungeons of Doom like the Wizard's Tower is, but is inaccessible in the same way. jonadab
The initial contents of a magic chest contain one of each type of gray stone, so you can skip Mines' End if you're willing to take the chance of getting unlucky and picking a loadstone. jonadab
If Vorpal Blade goes snicker-snack, and you are carrying Snickersnee, Vorpal Blade eats it. (Alternatively, it makes Snickersnee eat you.) Wooble
Invisible walls: block vision only if you have see invisible. FIQ
A tin golem, which tin openers are very effective against. ChrisE
Minotaurs spawn much earlier in the game, but can only move like grid bugs. FIQ
Reverse genociding quantum mechanics either raises Int by one point or confuses you. aosdict, Zaha
If you are trapped in a pit and trying to get out, nearby hostiles can stomp on your hands and make it take longer to get out. This triggers spike damage again. AmyBSOD
Lawful characters get an alignment bonus if they come across a bones pile, dig a pit, put the corpse in it, and fill it in, or "build a cairn" by dropping a huge pile of rocks on top of the corpse. aosdict
Breaking a tin wand turns it into several tins. flump
The game intentionally generates monsters in inconvenient places in Sokoban or makes them read scrolls of earth if your Luck is bad. aosdict
Polymorph traps have an increased probability to generate sessile monsters so they don't go completely crazy in a crowd of monsters. ais523
Artifact boomerang that lets you specify target squares. deadnoob
A ward which is actually just the peace sign. dNetHack aosdict
Artifact Iron Boots from Zelda. The base type is a pair of iron shoes, and they make you very heavy and speed 3 when worn. aosdict
Artifact rings of cold/fire resistance Frost Band and Fire Band. aosdict
Crystal high heels made of glass, and an artifact version of them named Cinderella's Slippers. dNetHack AmyBSOD
The Staff of Saint Patrick, a quarterstaff that has bonuses versus snakes, acts as a luckstone, and will turn snakes (instead of undead) when wielded and the player #turns. aosdict, statuesurfer, Menche
Harmonicas, a tonal instrument. aosdict
New wand appearance "fourked wand". A wand with this random appearance is subject to the Wands Balance Patch. Luxidream
Wand of boulders, which shoots boulders (?). flump
Cursed two-handed weapons only weld to one hand, and do not prevent you from opening containers and casting spells; they are no worse than a one-handed weapon. aosdict, jonadab
Killing all generated demon princes or killing all the Riders gives you an experience level. flump
Intelligent monsters capable of speech can read spellbooks to you. flump
Intelligence increases carrying capacity, because a smarter character is able to organize and balance their pack more evenly. flump, Webmant
To-hit and damage get large penalties for a quarterstaff welded to your hands, since quarterstaff fighting involves moving your hands along the staff a lot. aosdict
Paper is edible. AmyBSOD
Priests can offer the Amulet of Yendor on the altar in their quest home level (the Arch Priest is probably pretty similar to a high priest). aosdict
Some unique monsters can be created by naming an appropriate monster of the base type. ChrisE
Archelogists can start with a woodchuck pet because they're an endangered species. aosdict
An #evoke command, usable only by low-level wizard Evokers. ChrisE
Pavlovian conditioning for pets; if you abuse it after it eats corpses you want, it will learn not to eat those corpses. deadnoob
Allow the paranoid_confirmation option to be canceled with any input that's not "yes", including the empty string. aosdict, Deuce-Zen
If you ask the Oracle about woodchucks, she becomes hostile and ZOTs you. aosdict, jonadab
Master wand of wishing has a 0.000001% chance of granting a second wish. FIQHack Luxidream
Microtransactions, including things like:
  • First fountain quaff always gives a wish, costing $2.99.
  • Loot boxes that give you items with properties you don't have yet.
  • Paid access to MONSTERCOLORS and SYMBOLS options.
Luxidream, aosdict, mtf, jonadab
You can only offer the Amulet when it's blessed. Attempting to offer it otherwise will raise it from cursed to uncursed or from uncursed to blessed. aosdict
Wand of fishing: asks you what you wish for, but it will only accept objects that you dropped into water previously. AmyBSOD
Ice plate mail: shatters easily, deals cold damage to you and other monsters, melts if you take fire damage or enter Gehennom, or just eventually anyways. aosdict