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YA Nethack/SLASH'EM addict who loves the game

Doppelganger Drow Dwarf Elf Gnome Hobbit Human Lycanthrope Orc Vampire
Archeologist Quest
Barbarian Quest
Caveman Quest
Flame mage Ascended
Healer Ascended
Ice mage Quest
Knight Ascended
Monk Ascended
Necromancer Ascended
Priest Quest
Rogue Quest Ascended
Ranger Quest
Samurai Ascended
Tourist Quest Ascended
Undead slayer Ascended
Valkyrie Ascended Ascended Quest
Wizard Quest Quest
Yeoman Ascended Ascended
  • Ascended = I have ascended with this class/race combo
  • Quest = I have completed the quest with this class/race combo