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Long-time player here. I've ascended in the following roles:

Currently working on:

I play the nethack-qt version on Ubuntu Linux with graphical tiles.

I've not tried most of the variants. I played SLASH'EM for a while, but it crashed hard on me in the middle of a big game, so I gave up on it. Still holding out hope that the DevTeam will deliver an update in my lifetime.

Will try to contribute back in the unlikely event I discover something that's not already explained here :-).

The adventures of Queen Shel, orcish rogue and warrior


Shel was the queen of a proud tribe of orcs in the southern mountains of G'hel. At her birth, the tribe shaman predicted she would one day bring glory to Kos. She was respected as a warrior and as a leader. She and her husband Kh'unar had raided many human camps and brought wealth and fortune to her clan. One night, everything changed. She woke up to screams and battle calls. Her tribe was under attack by a party of human knights.

Almost the entire tribe, including her mate, were killed that night. Shel fought bravely, but realized that escape was her only hope. Along with the few other survivors, she ran into the nearby forest. An arrow got stuck in her leather armor, but didn't injure her -- thanks to the enchantment the tribe's shaman had cast upon it. Her trusty war dog, Anog, escaped by her side.

Weeks later, Shel found herself in the streets of Brun, the nearest city, barely making a living as a cutpurse. She had no qualms about stealing from humans and elves, who were no better than pigs (and just as delicious). Eventually she came to the attention of the local guild of thieves, who recruited her and trained her in the art of stealth.

Members of the guild met almost every night at a local tavern, and soon she began hearing the stories: of the vast underground dungeon that extended deep into the surface, where the Master of Thieves resided with an army of trained thugs. And of the amulet.

She knew that she needed to succeed where so many others had died and failed. She was a queen, destined to become a demigoddess.

Attempt 1

  • tamed a second pet, a wild dog with tripe, called it Paleth
  • found a large stack of darts in a dart trap
  • poisoned it using potion of sickness
  • killed huge numbers of gnomes and dwarves in the mines
  • eventually was killed by an angry dwarf with a wand of striking while escaping from some dangerous wild apes

Attempt 2

  • almost got killed by a wild pony but tamed it with some lichen, called it S'kohel
  • became telepathic from a floating eye
  • found a wand of magic missile and used it to defend against an army of rothes
  • hid her gold from leprechauns, then killed one to steal his. One level down, found a whole hall of them! They put up a fight, but Shel ended up making some 2500 zorkmids and acquired teleportitis
  • survived getting cornered by a nasty rope golem
  • escaped from some winter wolf cubs, abandoning the pets
  • bought everything from a jewelry store
  • tried the most expensive potion in a general store, turned out to be gain ability
  • on preparing to fight the wolves, ran into a floating eye. Frozen, got murdered by a hobbit.

Attempt 3

  • got quickly cornered by a couple of goblins throwing knives, found a +1 helm among their remains
  • found a ring of invisibility in a chest, put it on
  • got lucky and price-identified a scroll of identify which turned out to be blessed and identified everything. Made good money on some scrolls of amnesia.
  • that cursed scroll of teleportation might just come in handy ...
  • stumbled into a level where a precursor died. Apes waiting .. What to do? Barely escaped upstairs.
  • made one attempt to kill them by invisibly outrunning them and throwing knives - but there's three of them! Goddamnit. Time to go upstairs to see if anything useful is in the potion store - we do have a ring of polymorph control, so ...
  • Found a potion of polymorph! But .. a werejackal bit us, so we needed to pray. This will be a close call.
  • Turned into a black dragon! Mmm.. delicious apes. I could lay eggs, but .. until I have disintegration resistance or reflection, this might not be a good pet.
  • Could not resist distinegrating the owner of a nice scroll shop. Oops. Lots of goodies.
  • That was fun, but looks like my polymorph expired. :(
  • Will probably ditch the short sword soon, but why not enchant my dagger stack? +5 should do nicely for a while.
  • An altar sure would come in handy to start begging for help from Kos ... will I have to run down to the mines?
  • Finally! And even dedicated to Kos already.
  • Found a long sword in a shop. That should tide me over, and is a good weapon to train even if it becomes a secondary eventually. Ditching the short sword!
  • A bunch of elven archers are trying to kill me - ridiculous. Tasty buggers, feeling very awake all of a sudden. And, one of them had a bag of holding. That's neat!
  • Became a dagger expert. These +5 daggers sure are worth it.
  • Bought protection from a priest. -9 AC now - not bad at all.
  • Used polymorph trap to become master mind flayer. That didn't last very long.
  • Found a katana. Named it "Reason". Ditched the long sword.
  • The amuled I bought turned out to be reflection. No need to do Sokoban now!
  • Anog died. :(
  • Killed a shopkeeper. Not many goodies but a few more potions.
  • Goddamn puddings corroded my katana. Gotta find a scroll of enchant weapon somewhere ..
  • Finally learned the identify spell at about 1/2 success rate. Good enough to get through all my stuff ..
  • Found a magic lamp in Minetown! My first magic marker .. time to fix that goddamn katana for good.
  • Finally got Stormbringer from Kos, enchanted it up to +6.
  • Eep! Accidentally attacked my co-aligned priest. Teleported out of there in a hurry. Stormbringer is dangerous!
  • Down to AC -21 now.
  • Taking on a priest. That was fairly painless. Got a cloak of magic resistance and a spellbook of polymorph. Not bad, though it might be a while til I can do something with the latter.
  • Gave some 20K zorkmids to a co-aligned priest. I can always kill them later if I end up needing it somehow.
  • Got Frost Brand. I think I'll stick with Stormbringer though and train my katana as secondary.
  • Time to go questing!
  • Stopped picking up gold. Too rich. Good problem for a rogue.
  • Genocided nymphs. Too much of a hassle.
  • Killed the quest nemesis. I knew the scrolls of teleportation would come in handy. Sleep spell did the trick, after a few tries.
  • Found gauntlets of power. Hmm, but I like my spellcasting. Stashing them for now.
  • Began two-weaponing with my katana.
  • Enchanted a ring of adornment to +4. Got up to charisma 20 with some magic traps. I knew I could be the prettiest orc!
  • Did Sokoban anyway. Still have no levitation mechanism though. May need to polypile... oh, just got a wand of polymorph. That'll make things easier.
  • That did the trick. Got two rings of levitation out of it. On to Medusa and the castle!
  • Medusa was easy. Castle (level 27) was fine, as soon as I got rid of the liches, though there's still a mind flayer lurking about. Got my wishes though.
  • Genocided mind flayers. And dwarves and hobbits too - didn't mean to, but they're all alike.
  • Got rid of liches, too.
  • AC -40! XL 26. Genocided disenchanters. Don't want those guys ruining my armor.
  • Wrote myself four scrolls of gold detection for portal detection later.
  • Paid off Asmodeus with 19 zorkmids. Who's laughing?
  • Woo! I can now cast polymorph with 100% success rate. That'll be useful for making my ascension kit.
  • Finaaally got shock resistance from a black pudding. Got em all now.
  • Found the vibrating square fairly quickly. Off to kill Rodney.
  • Took a few wand of death shots and of course he'll pester me for a while. But down to get the amulet now.
  • Got the amulet. Made it all the way back up ... with AC -42, HP 275, charisma 20 (with ring), level 30. Kit looks good. On to the planes.
  • Whew! Made it through the elemental planes. Always forget how much of a pain in the butt these archonsare.
  • Ascended! Second altar was the right one. Magic missiles helped keep Death and Famine at bay. Locked myself into the final room with lots of time to spare, the riders barely able to move through the swarms of monsters. Not a very impressive conduct, but did not wish for any artifacts.

The adventures of Lady Diana, human female knight

Attempt 1

  • Found an unidentified wand and a magic marker early.
  • Got mithril, cloak of something, boots of something at the armory ...
  • Dedicated an altar
  • Pegasus died early :(
  • Weapon is at +4, AC at 0. Not bad for exp level 4
  • Lots of dipping: a very rusty sword but no Excalibur :(
  • Finally! Excalibur.
  • Gauntlets of power :)
  • Teleportitis from a nymph because why not.
  • Looks like my unidentified cloak is magic resistance!
  • Killed a shopkeeper. Not very ladylike. Well, turned into a dude after trying an amulet.
  • Back to being a lady! And hanging out in the Orcish parts of Minetown for a bit ... teleportitis makes it easy to get in but hard to get out!
  • Made it out .. still need a few more candles
  • Got teleport control from a tengu :)
  • Finally identified all my stuff!
  • Time for Sokoban ... done, got reflection. Bag of holding would have been more useful. Oh well.
  • Found my way to Camelot! Something is not right. But I can't help yet until I'm a Knight.
  • Titan is peaceful, but man, these electric eels are dangerous. One just zapped most of my rings and wands. Goddamnit.
  • Found a wraith which took me to knight level.
  • Found a magic lamp and genocided all sea monsters.
  • Started the quest but not feeling great about lack of fire resistance.
  • Made it through the quest - that was pretty easy, actually. Got the wand of wishing, too. Time to upgrade.
  • Getting really good at fireball :)
  • Started with Gehennom
  • Looking for Vlad in all the wrong places
  • Found Vlad. Got most of the stuff now. Recuperating upstairs for a bit, then back to Gehennom to face the Wizard.
  • Killed the Wizard, got the Amulet. Back up to the first level. Almost ready but would feel better if I had more food.
  • Made it to the Astral Plane!
  • First altar - chaotic. :(
  • Used my first amulet of life saving.
  • Goddamn lightning attacks blowing up all my stuff.
  • Second amulet used. This is getting tight.
  • YASD - died while not wearing an amulet of live saving in my inventory. :(

Attempt 2(ish)

Okay, this one made it all the way through! Got lucky - first altar was the right one. Ascended as Paladin, level 30, on the lawful altar. Final stats:

  • Strength 18/39
  • Dexterity 22 (gauntlets)
  • Constitution 18
  • Intelligence 20
  • Wisdom 23 (mitre)
  • Charisma 18

Two-weaponed with Excalibur and a silver saber. Became crowned towards the end. Had a +4 ring of increase damage.