Wand of poison gas

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Name poison gas
Appearance random
Base price 175 zm
Weight 7
Type ray
Maximum charges 8
Monster use May be used offensively by monsters.

The wand of poison gas is a new wand introduced in SpliceHack and adapted by Hack'EM. This wand shoots a reflectable ray of poison gas similar to a green dragon's breath attack.


This wand will auto-identify on zapping or engraving.


Breaking this wand results in an explosion of noxious gas, similar to a gas bomb. Doors caught in the gas cloud will instantly rot away.

Monsters will be happy to zap you with this wand.


Because the poison gas clouds tend to stick around for a few turns, they can be effective in wearing down a strong monster that is chasing you. Some strategic zaps in a crowded room like the Sokoban zoo might also prove very effective if the monsters don't resist poison. If you are surrounded by a mob and you possess poison resistance, you might consider breaking the wand to create a gas cloud. This wand only does the minimum break damage (4 x charges remaining), but still be cautious if your HP is low.

If you do not possess poison resistance, be very careful where you zap it. Since the ray can reflect, it could cause poison instadeath if you are too close to a wall. It can also make maneuvering more awkward for a few turns before the gas clouds dissipate, so consider any escape routes you might want to preserve before firing.


In Hack'EM, breaking this wand has a chance of creating a magic beam trap depending on how many charges were left. Poison rays also wither living trees into dead trees.


The bugs on the %s cough!
You engraved while hallucinating.
The bugs on the %s stop moving!
You engraved while being able to see.
Something sprays from the wand.
You engraved while blind but not deaf.
You zapped yourself with poison gas.