Wand of summoning

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Name summoning
Appearance random
Abundance 4.5%
Base price 200 zm
Weight 7
Type non-directional
Maximum charges 8
Spell summoning
Monster use May be used offensively by monsters.

The wand of summoning is an item in FIQHack that replaces the wand of create monster.


Monsters may be generated with a wand of summoning in their inventory as either a defensive or an offensive item.


Similar to the wand of create monster, zapping the wand of summoning will temporarily summon one or more monsters, with the number and duration dependent on the user's skill in wands:

  • Unskilled: 1 monster, 5 turns
  • Basic: d2 monsters, 10 turns
  • Skilled: d4 monsters, 15 turns
  • Expert: d8 monsters, 20 turns
  • Master: d16 monsters, 25 turns


While the wand of summoning is eligible for both offensive and defensive item distribution, the monster AI will primarily use it offensively in order to swarm the player. Once you identify a monster with a wand of summoning, you may want to defeat it as soon as possible, if at all possible - getting rid of the wand in some manner may also work. Otherwise, standard crowd control tactics are recommended, and even retreating is viable for outlasting the summoned monsters if you cannot take them all on, as they will eventually disappear.


See the spellbook of summoning for more details.