Archbishop of Moloch

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The Archbishop of Moloch, @, is the Infidel quest leader in EvilHack and Hack'EM. They possess a strong weapon attack and the ability to cast clerical monster spells, similar to an aligned priest.


The Archbishop of Moloch is always generated on the home level of the Infidel quest, standing atop the altar to Moloch within the hidden temple at level creation. They are generated with a quarterstaff and a cloak: the cloak has a 23 chance of being a robe, and will otherwise be a cloak of protection.


The Archbishop of Moloch is notable among EvilHack and Hack'EM quest leaders: if you have severely abused your alignment record, your quest leader may demand the quest artifact from you with a chance based on the level of abuse and Luck - where other quest leaders become hostile if you do not comply with their request, the Archbishop will become hostile regardless of whether you comply, since The Idol of Moloch is required for an Infidel to complete the game. Killing the Archbishop in general carries much more lenient penalties for an Infidel compared to any other role, and Moloch will not be angered: the code notes this specifically as "Moloch's indifference".

If the quest is completed without incident, the Archbishop gives Infidels one of the hints regarding which high altar in the Astral Plane to avoid invoking The Idol of Moloch on once it is imbued with the Amulet of Yendor's power in Moloch's Sanctum; the other hint is obtained from the high priest of Moloch. If the Archbishop is dead, the high priest will instead give both hints.