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The Death Eye, e, is a unique monster that appears in notdNetHack. It is a large eye creature that is a more powerful form of beholder. The Death Eye is amphibious, capable of flight, has infravision, and can be seen via infravision.

The Death Eye has a passive gaze attack that paralyzes the attacker, an active gaze attack that also paralyzes, another active gaze that can have deadly effects, and a third gaze that uses one of 16 random damage types: death magic, cancellation, paralysis, drain life, disenchantment, gradual stoning, luck-draining, confusion, slowing, stunning, blinding, fire, cold, shock, hallucination, and sleep - fire, cold and shock gazes each have a 219 chance of being selected per attack, while the other damage types each have a 119 chance of being selected. The Death Eye possesses fire resistance, cold resistance, shock resistance, poison resistance, and stoning resistance.

The Death Eye is poisonous to eat, which primarily comes up if it is digested by another monster.


The Death Eye is always created hostile, and is not a valid form for polymorph.

The Death Eye is always generated on the first Nightmare Temple floor of the Chaos Temple Quest at level creation.

The Death Eye does not leave a corpse upon death.

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