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Fire bolt is a monster spell that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM.


Fire bolt can be used by any monster that can cast mage spells. When cast, the caster will target a monster that they can see (or the square where they believe that monster to be) with a 3x3 explosion of fire centered on that square; if successful, the explosion can destroy potions, scrolls and spellbooks in the open inventory of any monsters caught within, as well as burning vulnerable armor. The spell can miss the monster and blast the floor or ceiling harmlessly, and will have no effect if the target has complete fire resistance.

Monsters will not use this spell against a monster that is peaceful and not subject to a grudge, or else one they know to have fire resistance. Monsters will also avoid using the spell if they are not aware of an appropriate target, would be caught in their own blast, or else they would target you while you have invulnerability, e.g. from a successful prayer. Kathryn the Ice Queen will never use this spell, instead casting ice bolt.


In the early game, fire bolts make hostile casters such as barrow wights and gnomish wizards annoying and possibly dangerous to face if you do not have a way to protect your inventory.


<The monster> blasts the <floor/ceiling> with fire and curses!
You saw a monster cast the fire bolt spell at you, but the spell missed.
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