Gemstone Array

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The Gemstone Array is a special level in SpliceHack. It is one of the Elemental Planes, appearing between the Plane of Earth and the Plane of Air.[1]


The level is a maze which will alter itself over time.[2] [3]

There are ten earth elementals, a goristro and a fusion elemental.[4]


By reading a scroll of gold detection while confused and zapping the walls with some wands of digging, you can avoid the need to actually navigate the maze. The magic portal could potentially be very close to wherever you arrive.


Changing Mazes
Author Pasi Kallinen
Download unknown
NetHack PatchDB 300

The code for this plane was based on the Changing Mazes patch for NetHack 3.4.3 by Pasi Kallinen AKA paxed.


You hear a deep rumbling sound.
The maze altered itself.

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