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[   Hawaiian shirt   Hawaiian shirt.png
Appearance Hawaiian shirt
Slot shirt
AC 0
Base price 3 zm
Weight 5
Material cloth

A Hawaiian shirt is a type of shirt that appears in NetHack. It is made of cloth, and is nearly identical to the T-shirt.


The Hawaiian shirt makes up 0.8% of all randomly generated armor.

Tourists start the game with an uncursed +0 Hawaiian shirt.[1]


While worn, a Hawaiian shirt provides no base AC.

Entering a shop with a visible worn Hawaiian shirt will cause the shopkeeper to charge an extra 13 markup and buy things for 13 of the base price.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Reading a Hawaiian shirt will print a message describing its design - as with the T-shirt, the design is dependent on the item's object ID, so it will remain consistent for any one shirt.


Like the T-shirt, Hawaiian shirts are generally employed to enchant as an additional source of AC, but are best reserved until after a character obtains protection from polymorph traps - worn torso armor will be destroyed if they polymorph into a large form. Tourists in particular may want to consider removing their shirt as soon as possible for this reason and hold on to it for later use once they have magic resistance, along with solid enchantment on their other armor if possible. An enchanted Hawaiian shirt may also be wished for in order to top off an otherwise-complete ascension kit.

For characters not averse to polypiling, shirts are fairly easy to obtain with a wand of polymorph (or the polymorph spell for powerful enough casters) and a large pile of armor, which is most easily obtained in the Castle or Fort Ludios. The Castle's armor storeroom in particular has a 13.13% chance of containing either a Hawaiian shirt or a T-shirt, and the random general store items in Orcus Town may also have a Hawaiian shirt among them. A bones containing a Hawaiian shirt is very likely to belong to a Tourist.


The Hawaiian shirt first appears in NetHack 2.3e, where it generates if the SHIRT compile-time option is defined - in NetHack 3.1.0, this is changed to the TOURIST compile-time option.



In SLASH'EM, the two tourist player monsters in The Guild of Disgruntled Adventurers generate with Hawaiian shirts.

The November NetHack Tournament

In The November NetHack Tournament, the deathmatch opponent will have a blessed +4 or +5 erodeproof Hawaiian shirt if they represent a Tourist character that did not have a worn shirt.


In EvilHack, Hawaiian shirts can be read to print a message describing the shirt's pattern.

Hawaiian shirts can be made of other materials such as leather, which provides some base AC and may make them more valuable to wear early on. T-shirt wishes are just as popular as in NetHack if not more so: object materials and properties make the shirt slot valuable for non-giant characters. An example of such a wish is "blessed greased fixed +3 dragonhide Hawaiian shirt of decay" (which provides drain resistance).

Encyclopedia entry

'One of the things he can't do, he can't ride a horse,' he
said. Then he stiffened as if sandbagged by a sudden
recollection, gave a small yelp of terror and dashed into
the gloom. When he returned, the being called Twoflower was
hanging limply over his shoulder. It was small and skinny,
and dressed very oddly in a pair of knee-length britches and
a shirt in such a violent and vivid conflict of colours that
the Weasel's fastidious eye was offended even in the half-light.

[ The Colour of Magic, by Terry Pratchett ]