Potion of blood (dNetHack)

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! Blood-red potion.png
Name blood
Appearance blood-red
Base price 350 zm
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

In dNetHack, the potion of blood is a type of potion that contains the blood of a specific monster, and appears as a "blood-red potion" when unidentified.

Similar to a tin, each potion of blood must be fully identified in order to reveal which creature's blood it contains.


Potions of blood makes up 1.8% of all random potions in the dungeon.

Applying a tinning kit to a monster corpse with blood will always produce a potion of the monster's blood alongside a tin of its flesh.

All vampires have a 23 chance of generating with at least one potion of blood - they may carry anywhere from one to four potions, with an equal chance of each quantity.


Quaffing a potion of blood acts similarly to opening a tin to eat, as noted above - you are told what monster's blood it smells like if you are a vampire or any non-herbivorous race, and then given a yes/no prompt for drinking it.

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