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Quendi is a monster class that appears in xNetHack, represented by the uppercase Q glyph (Q). It is designated internally by the macro S_ELF.

Quendi consist of the following monsters:

The Quendi monster class occupies the glyph left vacant by xNetHack moving quantum mechanics and genetic engineers to the aberration monster class, U.

Common traits

The Quendi are all living elven monsters: they have a grudge against orcish monsters and will attack any orcs they see on sight, including you if you are an orc. Quendi also hate iron - they take extra damage from objects made of iron, and will avoid stepping in squares with iron chains on them.


The existence of the Quendi monster class makes it possible for a non-elven player to genocide elves as a class without killing themselves in the process as they would in vanilla NetHack (where elves are @ like the player).